Is there a way to look at the code of built-in apps?

The goal would be to customize them to better fit my needs - rather than starting from scratch.

Unfortunately no.

Very odd choice.
Thanks for the reply.

Agreed... especially given the lack of documentation and examples. It seems the Hubitat contributions are evolving this into a less open system. Yet they want visible source for other developer contributions.

Shame .. I need to rethink.

We know we are lacking in documentation and we are currently working hard to rectify this. We are working on a wiki with developer docs and will be working up examples as well. This is one of the most requested "features" for our system and we have taken it to heart. We are also looking at what parts of our code base we can make available or champion some 3rd party Drivers and Apps as very good examples of how to code in our system.


Some example driver code posted here:



Is there an established way to file bugs against built-in apps? As an example, I filed this bug about Ecobee Integration earlier today. If I had access to the source I could have gone further to debug/verify and possibly find/fix the problem (maybe I'm using it wrong?) and propose a patch.

You can report what appear to be bugs here in the forum as you’ve done, but since this isn’t an open source project it’s not possible to inspect the source code as a user (beyond what they have made publicly available on GitHub).


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