Built in Device/App source

Is there any chance the source for built-in devices/apps were to be made available on git somewhere?

I think it would provide some nice visibility on the best way to code things, consistency, and also give some insights in to the api.

The advantage too would be if some new structures get put in place, a forked repo could maintain consistency.



@bravenel has answered this in another post:

Truthfully, a lot of the coding is the same or similar to SmartThings, and many of the devices here are ports from those device drivers and apps. If you check through devices there are many drivers posted. I think the focus for the staff are adding drivers and fixing bugs, with an app and dashboard coming.

Absolutely understand.
Just trying to accelerate my learning curve to get some drivers moved across, not only for my own devices, but to speed the journey for everyone.

I agree that more documentation is required. At this point though, they’re still adding some of the base functions based on developer feedback, so any docs would be in a state of constant change.

There’s a wiki post with a few changes needed for initial porting attempts and the staff and forum members are very helpful with troubleshooting error codes.



There are some code samples posted on the Hubitat Github. GitHub - hubitat/HubitatPublic

Beyond that, the source code isn't public.


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