I'm a newbie again... Yey!

Hey everyone... I'm moving over to the dark side!!

I'm loving the setup so far, but I'm only bench testing a few things now before I roll it out fully.

First question, where can I find the source code for the built in Hubitat drivers?

I can't get Adrian's enhanced arrival sensor code to work, but the default driver works fine... I'd like to examine the differences.


The source code for built-in drivers and apps is not available.

In the near future we will post the source code for some of the built-in virtual device drivers to provide examples of drivers and how these virtual ones work.

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ok… does anyone have any thoughts what might be wrong with the driver I posted above?

I’m not worried about battery / beep etc… I’d just like to retain the enabled / disabled function, but it’s not updating presence state whether enabled or not.

Best way to get started is open up the realtime log in a separate tab or browser so you can refer to it (there’s no saved logfiles) and then click things. The generated error codes will help you narrow down what specifically isn’t working.

St wrote a custom internal parse method for this device, obviously we don't have that since it follows no published spec since it's a custom cluster. If all you're looking for is a way to disable these, I can add that, just let me know how that feature is supposed to work.

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It’s useful when going on holiday and we don’t want to take the fobs with us… we just disable them and leave in a drawer.

Also, I always keep a fob spare to give to guests staying more than a few days. It’s written into all relevant automations but I keep it disabled most the time… when used I just need to quickly enable it.

It’s also useful for when I want to appear away to other family members, but still be at home.

I could pull the battery but the little tabs are very easy to break… I could also use a simulated switch as an override for each sensor but that just clutters up the device list.

Another use some might like is to have a fob for a cleaner / nanny etc. and manually control when it should work.

If it’s not too much trouble I’d really appreciate the addition.


I get the use case, I just don’t want to implement a custom command to turn it on and off…
Need to ponder…,

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Take it custom commands aren’t so easy to add then? In ST it’s just a line at the top and a def further down… is that not the case with Hubitat?

I’ve never automated the function though… always been a manual thing as-and-when, so not having the custom command is no biggie… just need the switch.

They are easy to add (I invented a way to use them), but not many apps can use them. so I can add a preference option to enable/disable it. On the newer models I can adjust the check in interval, which will extend battery life when not in use.
I don’t think changing the check in is possible on the two older models as it appears hard coded in the device.

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I’m using webCoRE which (should) be able to see the custom commands… but I haven’t done much testing yet.

WebCoRE can’t see the ‘contact’ attribute of a virtual contact sensor though, so not holding my breath on that.

Glad to see you here @Robin !
Hoping webCoRE on Hubitat gets more traction with your arriving on the Hubitat scene :slight_smile:

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I have webCoRE working to a point, but it’s buggy as hell and I’m not the one to fix that!!

I’m a webCoRE power user, but not a coder by any stretch of the imagination!!

With Adrian working for ST now, it would be a huge conflict of interest for him to help out, but hopefully someone will come allong and fix all the glitches!

RuleMachine may not be as feature packed or user friendly, but it works well for basic automations and meets the needs of most.

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There's an entire thread dedicated to just that. Check it out below:

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Welcome to over here!

I haven't kept up on that news closely enough, but I sure hope that webCoRE remains a "community"-based Smart App rather than co-opted by SmartThings.

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+1 Hopefully we can generate some community support for webCoRE on Hubitat.

I've installed @ogiewon's port and have been able to create a simple piston, but it didn't execute properly. That exhausts my expertise.


Can you share your ‘simple piston’… maybe the problem is something simple?

I’ve got some fairly complex stuff running now…

Agree with that.
One of the first things I did was to screen my webCoRE pistons to identify everything that time critical and try to find a way to move them to Rule Machine. Somehow, even if webCoRE also runs locally, the overhead on it makes it nearly 40-60% slower than Rule Machine in most comparable scenarios. Its not a large variation in terms of seconds, but its still noticeable even in the most basic tasks. (Unless I am doing something wrong).

However, in terms of laying out complex logic or even connecting to web-hooks or external end-points, webCoRE absolutely excels! So most of my climate control and device monitoring tasks still run on webCoRE.

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Good news that you’re having success. It will greatly ease my transition if pistons can execute on Hubitat. Be happy to share. Glad for the help. I have to get to another computer that will take a little while - perhaps late Friday your time.


It would also be helpful if you could share the errors observed in your Logs section, at the time when the piston’s execution fails.

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Thanks again. It's just a test piston that responds to power switch from an Iris 3210-L and speaks a command on TTS devices (LANnouncer). The log shows the event but nothing actually executes. Ideas?


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