Inovelli RGBW LED Strip Individually Addressable-From our favorite company

Curious if you guys think this is worth it? I tend to buy tons of stuff I don't really need. Certainly beats Hue strip prices and you'd be supporting their further HA products. $50.00 presale


Hmmm... Think I'm going to have to ask Santa for a couple of these.

Ordered two for my kitchen. Then I may order more after I see how those work.

Quite possibly the coolest smart home accessory to come out this year!

Really shows off what 700 series chip capabilities!

I put in an order, give it a try. Would be nice if they also sold some wiring to be able to extend. The current extensions they have listed, look like they are purely additional LEDs.

Coming through with great looking products again @Eric_Inovelli, good job!

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As much as I love Inovelli products, what's up with these LED strips that have 3 individual LEDs (Red, Green, Blue), at each position, having them so far apart from each other will definitely make weird color casts on everything that is close to the LEDs (compared to RGB modules that the color comes out of a single LED module).

I will past on this one and stick with what I already have :frowning:

EDIT: After more digging (see bellow) the center LED is RGB and the 2 LEDs on each side of it is warm/cool white. So this is the perfect setup and would buy this in a heartbeat :slight_smile:

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I just installed 5 conductor wire in the walls for my kitchen remodel (from under the sink to where all the LED strips are). I can't use these as it looks like they have what looks like 6 wires.

I scored suck a great deal on the Sylvania 73773 led strips that anything more than 20 bucks seems expensive. But I’m certainly going to try these for 50.
Hopefully the price comes down as they release more.

Inovelli just launched their addressable LEDs
Not cheap but can’t wait to try them.
Got one on order.
The connectors for power injection will apparently follow.
Now. Is it worth taking an extra mortgage to do all of my eaves? Haha.

They are individually addressable. You could light one red one blue and one green all the way down the strip. That’s why they are that way.

Also from CES this year...

In the video it looks more like the center LED is RGB and each one on either side might be for warm white/cool white. but on the Inovelli site, the picture says a whole other story...

This is what led me to believe it was 3 individual LEDs for Red, Green, Blue, @Eric_Inovelli could you please clear this up? And if it's a single RGB in the center and individual warm/cool white on either side, please change that photoshoped picture on the website, others like me will assume otherwise.

PS @tivomaniac, I know what "individually addressable" is, that's the only thing I have in my house. If you look closely, the 3 LEDs in one group are not the same which leads to think they are single color LEDs

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Have Inovelli never had a thought about EU market?

I can.. Warm White, RGB, cool white


They really need to change that picture on the product page, it's misleading and for sure, would have never bought it because of that, now the product is very interesting.

Original post has been edited to not deter possible customers.


I’d be figuring if I could use the 5 wire to pull a 6 wire though :slight_smile:


I see that the Inovelli ad shows HE compatible.
Any thoughts on what type of control will be available for sequencing the lights? Haven’t played with addressable RGBs at all so no idea what to expect on what I can do other than turn them on off or a solid color.
Might just buy another ( just in case )

I bet @bcopeland knows...

They have an app for setting up the sequences..


It also comes with a bunch of baked in animations