IKEA Trådfri

![image|666x500](upload://fw6Jvj1BNHcK9UMZQAXBdFF6z6A I am from Sweden and have great faith in IKEA and their products. When it comes to IKEA trådfri not many can compete in terms of price. The question is why Hubitat does not integrate (enable) all IKEA trådfri products.

What products are you referring to? Not all are available in North America and some are not compatible with the Zigbee HA controller in the hub.

Some IKEA TRÅDFRI products are not good quality too. For example, I’ve never had so many Zigbee radios fail in bulbs, where I can confirm that no Zigbee controller (not Hubitat Elevation, nor Hue, nor ConBee 2) could control them anymore. Compare that with Hue bulbs that have never once failed me.

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One of the reasons that not all devices are compatible is some of the Tradfri devices do not conform to the ZigBee standard. In the US Tradfri once had good prices, but they are not that special anymore. I think the last thing they have that they are the leader in price is their buttons, which do not work on HE.

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Which ones?

I know that some of their remotes/button controllers require the zigbee controller (i.e. Hubitat) to support zigbee inbound group messaging, which Hubitat doesn't. However, group messaging is part of ZHA 1.2, and Hubitat supports outbound group messaging.

Agreed. I have had two Trådfri outlets fail in 3 years. And one of the their repeaters fail. And again, like you did, I tested them against all the coordinators I have.


Similar; I bought five Trådfri outlets and had one fail within 18 months.

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My experience is not so bad - I have 3 x CT Bulbs (controlled by Hue bridge) ,motion sensor, 5 buttons remote, on/off switch (paired to SmartThijgs hub) and a Zigbee plug and Zigbee repeater (paired directly to HE hub) working without any issues for more than 3 years,

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It would be nice if Ikea did a little qc on their products and abandon the idea of needing their stupid hub. Is it me or is the variety of ZigBee devices lessening lately. Seems like some inexpensive catagories such as buttons,motion sensors, temp/humidity are nearly non existent. The whole product stack feels wanting lately

Ikea's products don't "need" their hub. That being said, there's zero chance they'll stop selling their cloud-dependent hub/gateway (or bundling it with their devices); their products are inexpensive because Ikea gets valuable user data from their hub being used. It's the same reason that TuYA, Sonoff, eWeLink, and Aqara cloud-dependent gateways are so cheap.

Are you referring to Ikea products, or zigbee products in general? If it is the latter, I disagree. Zigbee chips are cheap, and available in quantity from multiple manufacturers, unlike z-wave chips, which are available from a single manufacturer. So there's been an explosion of small zigbee vendors (think Konke, Third Reality, Linkind, Sengled, the varied TuYA/eWeLink manufacturers, etc. etc.) on the marketplace with an abundance of products. The last time I looked, the zigbee2mqtt device list had >2000 products that were either zigbee 3.0, ZLL, or ZHA 1.2 compatible.

There was a time, about 3-4 years ago, when there were more z-wave devices available than zigbee. I just did an Amazon search for zigbee motion sensor and found 11 different vendors on just the first page.

Third Reality
Aeotec SmartThings

Nine of these were under $30 (with the majority being under $20). Two were expensive (Philips, Aeotec SmartThings).

I also did a search for z-wave motion sensor and found 10 unique sensors (some vendors had two sensors). Most of them were $30 and higher. Only one was under $20.


And of course ZigBee is one flavour worldwide while Z-Wave is fractured into various regulatory regions.
Ordering your favourite ZigBee devices from any source is a pretty safe bet (mostly :upside_down_face:).
Not so much with Z-Wave.


Might be more of the supply chain breakdown that I'm noticing. Temp humidity sensor is real problem. Basically Alli can find is Centralite, Sonoff, and Aqara, and most people here are weary of Aqara. Might be a straggler here or there but their is definately noticable gaps in devices.

There's a few others on Amazon. Here's one that is really inexpensive (~$12) and works with a community driver (@muxa's Konke driver).


If you're prepared to use AliExpress the number goes up quite a bit. I have used 12 Konke sensors for about 3 years now.

I've seen that one, thought it was Tuya. I really want one with the display and lux, but reading conflicting reports on the forum.


There's a lot of TuYA zigbee 3.0 devices that work with Hubitat. Some with built-in drivers. Others with community drivers, many of which were written by @kkossev. I don't know which specific one you want with "the display and lux", but you could ask if he has a driver for it.

This is @kkossev's driver for a TuYA temp/rh/lux sensor and he indicates which models it works with:

and so do I for the most part (I probably have at least one of those little allen wrenches in every junk/tool drawer in the house :rofl:)

My post below isn't the best summary of the IKEA TRÅDFRI situation but do some further searching in the forum

...and you will have all you need to come up with a letter for Jesper Brodin (is that suppose to be an "ø" ?) to ask him to FIX IT.

...so we (the greater market that doesn't want to use the Ikea hub) can celebrate the full spectrum of TRÅDFRI devices and functionality.

I don't know if this has already been mentioned, but the TRÅDFRI Hub has been discontinued.
New DIRIGERA hub is on the way.

Another one of the outlets recently fail. The LED just fast blinks, and the device does nothing. I've now had 5 of these fail, of the 8 I bought. The one that failed was purchased just over 3 years ago.

I bought 5 at $10/ea in May 2020. 4 are now dead.
I bought 3 at $13/ea in Dec 2022. 1 has already failed.

Also, none of mine have any load plugged into them, and they are almost never turned on or off. I use them purely as Zigbee repeaters (mostly to keep Aqara/Miija devices happy).

They are cheap, but you get what you pay for.

In contrast, none of my Iris v2 Smart Outlets have ever failed. Some are over 7 years old.

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I Have 4 of them for about 4 years and they all still work every day. Cool too that now you can update the firmware through hubitat