Ikea Fyrtur and Hubitat?

Do Ikea Fyrtur blinds work natively with Hubitat? I dread adding an Ikea hub to add to my other 5 or 6 other hubs just for blinds.


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Forum Search is your friend...

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That's a long thread to read to try to figure out what level of support there is for the blinds. Here is a post that I think might sum it up:

and I do say might. Looks like there is no official support for them yet, but a community driver is available and yes it looks like it's talking to a repeater and not the blind directly. So I think the answer is NO, it doesn't work natively.

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Based on my logs it looks like HE is talking to the blinds directly. I have 3 and I love them. Here’s how to get them working:

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Whether the message is relayed via a repeater has nothing to do with if the integration is native/local or not. This integration is native/local because the Cloud is not needed and neither is any intermediary like IFTTT etc. The driver originated from a guy called Wayne on the ST forums and was then modded to work on HE by @Ryan780, a very useful contact for you @eric3 if any issues arise.

native to me means built in to HE with no community drivers. However I realize the meaning of that word can mean different things to different people.

Sure, no problem. There is nothing much built into Hubitat as such. You even have to load the officially supported apps and drivers too. Anyway, yeah, this is a community driver. But from the various posts it looks pretty robust. Hope it works out OK for you! Cheers.

I've been using a set of IKEA Fyrturs with my Hubitat for a few months now, they work great

This post (from the above linked thread) is where to get the driver from

A few posts above this is this post which has the exact directions

The rest of the thread is a lot of noise, but those two posts are what you need

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I went ahead and decided to just add the official gateway to my existing army. I guess the good thing is that a firmware update was available.

I was really hoping for a native integration since I’ve not a great deal of success with the community apps. Seems like they start off strong then ghost...

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hey thanks for this, it was very helpful, one question though, I had a remote paired with two blinds and after following the process you mentioned they work with hubitat but they don't work with the blinds' remote, do I need to pair with it once again? Can I have both?

Not yet. Some folks have been trying though.

This is the step that I can't get to work. Everything else seems to be working fine...

I can control the Ikea blind through the device page in hubitat. But, I want level 3 to be fully open, and level 78 to be fully closed. I can't figure out a way to do so....

It looks like MakerAPI shares these blinds to Homekit as 2 combined accessories, one being blinds with levels, and the other a lightbulb (?). Does anyone know which attributes/capabiltiies to filter out of this accessory to just show the blinds accessory?

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