I give up

Upgrading from a C5 to a C8 has been nothing short of terrible. Every single ZigBee device in my house has now quit working. Every attempt to make things work have resulted in more things breaking. I'm returning it, I'm putting my C5 back in place, and I'm going to switch to HA. It's not worth the time and frustration, all the things that are broken now are just constant reminders of the mistake I made in upgrading.
Goodbye C8, you've will soon be gone, but not missed.

We'll be here when you get back. Have a pleasant journey, and if you can, send postcards. I know I'd love to hear how you're doing.


Thanks! I needed that smidgen of humor! Long day at work ...... with more things that went wrong than went right.


Sorry you've had an unpleasant time.

Funny - to each his own, but that's generally how I feel about HA. :wink:


If I were having such radio problems I'd be looking for some relief too. I'm not looking to give up as IMO Hubitat's automation abilities are better than HA's. What I would do is to use HA for the radio networks and pass them back to Hubitat using:

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C7s are still available and work fine as a C5 upgrade.


I made the foolish mistake of thinking that perhaps deregistering this cursed device and re-registering it may help. It will not go past the registration screen now. I boxed it up, started the return process with Amazon, and will now get back to work trying to get things working with my C5. I honestly regret trying to upgrade so much, things used to work in my house.

If all you need is another network then I would suggest just using zigbee2mqtt + mosquitto + node red + @fblackburn's excellent set of node red nodes to do this. The added benefit is that you can use node red for automations as well.


Or this...

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Thanks, I'll look into this. I just attempted to pair a switch that the C8 couldn't pair with, and the C5 worked on the first try. It's definitely the C8 that's the problem. But with the money I get back from returning it, I'll probably buy some dongles to get started with something else.

I guess folks have forgotten what the C7 was like when it was first released. There were definitely growing pains back then as well. Granted that was a result of the zwave chip, but it all has ended up working out at this point. New versions of things are almost always going to have some sort of issue for those early adopters. But it all gets worked out in the end. The early adopter tax.


So true, some of the early C7 days were dark indeed.,:dizzy_face::wink:

Next new hub, let's only give it to people who won't have issues. You're welcome, problem solved.


Just a note - the sonoff dongle e uses the same chipset as the C8 and support on zigbee2mqtt is still experimental AFAIK. Might be better to get the dongle p (slightly older, but works fine) or a Conbee2 (I have both but the conbee works fine for me so can't be bothered to replace it).

This is correct, but zigbee worked fine (OP seems to use zigbee?).

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Right, but the C8 has a new zigbee chip, which kind of proves my point.

I see your point but unfortunately cold comfort for the OP. Some ppl on home assistant
still seem to be having problems with the new chip 8 months on and the f/w for zigbee2mqtt still shows as experimental.

I've had issues with this migration as well, but (for the most part) they were not anything that hubitat could have accounted for, more a matter of the way I have my stuff set up. The only thing I really think they should have made clearer up front (like actually included it in initial transition instruction) was the existence of the update tab in hub mesh for after you completed the migration from a C7. I didn't see any mention of it except in a forum post a day or two later, by that time I have already gone nuclear and have been trying to fight my way back ever Since. I'm about 50% of the way there now. The silver lining in this is some of my rules needed to be reworked and cleaned up, and this is giving me that opportunity.

I had blown out all of my hub mesh devices (because they were not reconnecting the way the initial migration instructions said they would) and even then, most of my rules still wouldn't work with the new devices, so I've had to set about rebuilding all of my rules several of which I can't get to work properly any more. needless to say the frustration level peaked and i stalled out.

I will add that i was one that was having issues with the Hue OUTDOOR motion sensor. Reducing the ZigBee strength to 8 seemed to solve that issue. Luckily, I don't have much ZigBee, mostly bulbs and two motion sensors. My Zwave on the other hand is much stronger, though I do still have a few devices that are insisting on multiple hops, even though they are fairly close to the hub. But generally, 98% of my Zwave devices connected directly.


My C-5 currently has all sorts of Aqara and Ikea ZigBee devices on it running perfectly fine. Granted, some of them were a huge pain in the butt to get on the network in the first place, but everything has worked flawlessly since.

I imagine I will want to upgrade to C-8 at some point.. Will I be able to continue to use the C-5 as the controller for Aqara & Ikea Zigbee devices, and use the C-8 for Z-Wave, with Hub Mesh enabled so they work together as one system?

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I'm actually thinking about buying a C5 for the Aqara/Xiaomi devices I'd like to use. Running them on HA/Conbee right now, but don't like having extra moving parts if I don't have to, prefer to have everything on Hubitat hubs. I am having surprising luck w/several about six Aqara devices right now on my C8 (five of them migrated from C7) but I just have trouble trusting they will stay connected over the long haul, given past experiences when they would drop off, sometimes months after being added and seeming to be good.

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Kinda what you sign up for when you want the latest and greatest. This thing has only been out a couple of weeks.

I had some issues at first and I wished I waited a couple more weeks first to let the team work the bugs out. But alas, that's where we are.


Just curious about the new C8

The only benefits l am seeing is

  1. Longer range for Zigbee and zWave
  2. Built-in WiFi
  3. ??
    Is that it? faster CPU processing time?

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