Hubitat Mobile App Released


Fwiw so far I'm not having to re-enable anything after 24+ hours. Two iPhones here, iPhone 6s+ and iPhone XS, both running iOS 12.3, with the new Hubitat mobile app installed on both...

This is how I have things configured on both of our devices under iOS for the Hubitat mobile app:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Hubitat > "Always"


My issue is I come in and out of the geofence area even when I am clearly at home, is anyone else seeing this?


Seems my happiness stopped right after the migration.
Migration went ok, code etc. Just when I log into the app I get a message "No Hub(s) Found For: my@email".
Logging into the portal with the same just migrated account the hub is in full view present.

Anyone.. ideas?


I'm getting exactly the same, logs in to portal and finds my hub under my new email but says no hubs associated with this account.
Everything works fine in the portal, all settings etc are accessible, but obviously the app wont find a 'linked' hub.


Thanks for the app and geofencing, great addition. I went through the thread and did not see anyone with the issue I have. The app is working and my phone is in Devices and shows spot-on for location, however my hub is about a mile off so the Home geofence is no where near accurate.

Any suggestions for me? I have updated to and also have rebooted the hub with no change to the geofence location.


Try updating location under settings in the hub itself


Perfect! All is good - I guess I never realized location was there for the hub. Thanks @mike!




upgrade to an Android phone :wink:


Over the past 2 days, my geofence keeps defaulting back to the original size, not the minimum that I keep setting it too.

Anyone else seeing this?
Android 9
Pixel 2



Alphabet bad.


Any other way to get the code? Email address is thru work and the emails are being deleted by our firewall


iPhabet... bad LOL


Same issue with my LG Android 7.


Thanks for the report. Obviously that shouldn't be happening. We are looking into it

It's possible you used a different account. You can verify the account used on the hub via hub IP/hub/register

You can fine tune the pin location tap the pin and hold / drag it where ever you want.

Thanks for the report, haven't seen this personally, but I believe it to just be a display quirk. However I'll let the dev know to look into it. In other words, don't think the frence size changed just the display defaulted.

Reach out to support. No other way to get the code.


Get a private email address for MS Live or GMail or something.


Lots of things going on, heh. Anyone have issues with onboarding a new user? I added the app for an iOS device, started to create a user, and the verify code process does not work (and no way to click resend because the keyboard is covering it...). But I close everything out, try logging in, and it proceeds to the "find a hub" since no email attached. I click on the hub but... nothing happens other than it loading. Can I not assign multiple accounts to my hub? Does everyone in my family just use one login?


Patrick, you and the team continue to "Rock it"

Thanks a ton for all the great work



can you give me the email address the code is coming from?


accountverification at