Hubitat for security system



I've stumbled upon your product because I'm looking to upgrade my home's wired security system. The Konnected Alarm Panel is what I'm looking at and their website brought me to you. I like Hubitat over the Samsung since it is not reliant on the internet to work. Looks pretty cool to me.

FY: I'm completely green to home automation. I just received one Echo Dot for Christmas and am not impressed yet. LOL This surprises me because I love technology!

My concern is this: I don't want to end up taking away valuable resources in home security by "upgrading" to this. I want to be able to walk to a "security panel" and hit a panic button or alarm the house. How can that be accomplished with Hubitat? It appears to me that you would need access to a laptop or cell phone to open the web page to control the security system that is linked to Hubbitat, Is this correct?


You can add a keypad, like Iris or Centralite, no web access needed for security, but you need some kind of access for the notifications, I have a work arround for police monitoring so when HE detect intrusion it will trigger and call the police too(monitoring station).

I have Konnected and it works great with my 2 keypads, the lights and a siren for local alerts.


Doesn't konnected have a new "interface" that would mean you can use all your existing stuff including keypads with the added benefit of converting it to a smart system?

Edit : yes see below


THAT, my friend ... Is a "drop the mic moment". BOOM!
Nice find


You can do the same with a nodeMCU and hubduino, and for a fraction of the price.


I know he started selling his original idea about a month after i brought a ton of z-wave UBS devices to do each of the doors and windows :frowning: . It was exactly what I was after! O well it means i have a strong mesh and temperature sensors in all the rooms :joy:


A fraction of the price, but a multiple of the effort... So it is up to the end user to decide which they have more of/value more.


I actually use both Hubduino and Konnected and can recommend both for different reasons. Both are compatible with nodeMCU modules so you can easily flip between the 2 as needed.

Konnected -

  • simpler setup and configuration
  • great documentation online although sometimes tricky to find what you need because it split up in a few places.


  • requires a bit more investment of time but can do so much more.
  • much more flexibility and device support.
  • supported by @ogiewon. That alone counts for a lot.


:point_up_2: THIS! Thank you! Sold


You can also use Envisalink or AlarmDecoder AD2PI to integrate with your existing system and still keep the original system functioning as is.

I use AlarmDecoder AD2Pi for my wired system, its actually less wiring then Knonnected if you have a supported panel. You just need to wire into your existing keypad terminals (4 leads). No need to touch any of the zones. You also get access to a virtual keypad that emulates your existing physical keypad.


How do you get HE to call the police?


I have a monitored alarm, but because I did the swap to smart sensors for HE, the monitored alarm I left only one zone, with hubduino (or konnected) I added a relay that triggers the only zone in the monitored alarm, so in HSM I added this relay in the alerts for intrusion (it works like a switch), the monitored alarm has cellular backup, if HE detects an intrusion it will trigger the monitored alarm locally and it will call the monitoring company using internet or the cellular. This was tested and confirmed that works in 2 homes.


I'm doing something similar.