Hubitat for security system


Probably yes, I mean this part of the interface, where you connect the relay, maybe it let you use the output for the siren, not sure if you are using it

Anyway, to not complicate this, I recommend you to buy this:

And this:

With this you can add more zones to konnected, and outputs for relays, with the relay you can connect your siren and program it to HSM. Good luck.


Can't thank you enough for all your help! Will check it out and see if i can master it. Once again THANK YOU! This community is so helpful!


I'm in the camp that thinks if you want security, and want it to be reliable, get a UL listed security system/panel. You can still integrate it with your home automation platform.

Zwave and zigbee devices are not reliable. You cannot connect your home automation platform to a monitoring service as they do not support the protocols required. In many areas, having a security system auto dial the cops is illegal and will get you a fine.

Basic alerting... Fine. Real security, get a security panel. I use an Elk M1 Gold. I've been using it since 2007, and it's probably the most reliable thing I've ever owned. Batteries in the GE Caddx wireless sensors last for years. Everything works perfectly and it is supported by Hubitat and Vera.


Sorry, but this is incorrect, or how do you think Ring alarm works? It's z wave, so not sure why is not reliable, fully compliant with monitoring station.

I'm not sure who said that, because HE or konnected doesn't dial to the police, this is why some are integrating vista panels or in my case, I integrated Ring, vista panel or Ring panel send the signal to the monitoring station, they call you first then the police, not HE or konnected.


Does anyone know if Ring security is UL listed for both the equipment and monitoring station?


Ring is only for the monitoring station, ADT Smartthings is both.


Ask people with larger Z-wave networks how reliable they are. They are not reliable. Most people with larger networks have had to rebuild them at least once or have intermittent routing problems. I don't even have that many Z-wave devices and I've experienced both of these.

Also, Ring alarm isn't an HA platform. It's a security panel, so it should connect to a monitoring station just fine. That being said, if they are truly using Z-wave, I wouldn't consider that reliable.


You might want to let my monitoring company know that. I currently have my Hubitat/Konnected system monitored with Noonlight for $10/month.


No, you have your Konnected system monitored. Hubitat is not monitored, nor does it provide the connectivity to the monitoring station.


You really just want to let everyone know how arrogant you are, huh?

If you'd taken two seconds to even glance at the source code, you'd see that the Noonlight integration doesn't even require a Konnected. It is LITERALLY just "Noonlight monitoring Hubitat".


Interesting. I did not know that existed. But I still have my deep seated belief that Z-wave is not reliable enough for a true security system. :grinning:


For what it's worth as a former IRIS user I have my IRIS V3 keypad, IRIS V1 contact sensors, and IRIS V2 motion sensors set up to be my security system. I have set delays for entry and exit. I arm the system by pressing the ON button on the keypad. I disarm the system by putting in the code and pressing the OFF button. All just like I did with IRIS. I have two Utilitech sirens that activate if the alarm is triggered to let the intruder know they have triggered an alarm. I require two motions sensors to activate to trigger an alarm. I've never had a false alarm since doing so. When the alarm is triggered a message is sent to both mine and my wife's cell phones. If I get an alert I can check my ARLO cameras to see if anyone is actually in the house. If I see someone I can call the police and provide them with a description. Not a perfect system but it's free as I self monitor the system.

FYI - I am not a fan of monitored systems as generally all they do is call the police. Depending on where you live upwards of 90% of reported alarms turn out to be false and police departments have responded to this by making alarm calls a low priority. It could be hours before they respond to your alarm call if they are busy with higher priority calls. However I'm not opposed to them if they provide you peace of mind.