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You could always go old school and keep it simple... string and a tennis ball hanging from the roof... :wink:

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Wrong forum for old school bro, we're new skool fancy auto stuff here. Maybe you could get an auto ball dropper to drop the ball when it detects the garage door opening. :wink:

Good call on setting the buttons by model.
There's also a bunch of other items on AliExpress that are for the Tuya zigbee gateway that might be my next purchase to have a go at.

she pretty much ignores the beeping thing in the car, I had a lump of wood then she parked other way around...……….

Looking at something a bit higher tech to get her attention...…….

Fired an email off to cocoon about integration over the weekend and got this back, not an outright no

Customer Care (Cocoon Products Customer Care)

11 Nov., 09:49 AEDT

Hello Keith,

I have passed on your email to our team in Product Development.

That said, these products (our and Hubitat) are made by two different manufactures with separate intellectual property so any integration would require some time.

Kind Regards,


Customer Care Team

Message Body:
Hi Guys,
any chance you can integrate your products with Hubitat ? I'd love to be able to use your products with my Hubitat and I'm using it in a small museum so we might be buying a number of motion sensors and lights etc

Unfortunately that is unlikely to occur Keith, as they use the Tuya SmartLife platform underneath, which is a cloud only integration. Tuya based devices can sometimes (with some effort) have a custom firmware flashed to them that allows for local integration, which there is a custom driver to support. @jchurch is the man with the plan on that side of things.

You could build a HubDuino ST_Anything system running an Ultrasonic ranging sensor module. I havent played with them yet but I do have some coming in so in the coming weeks I probably will be :stuck_out_tongue:

If you trying to flash some Tuya stuff then maybe try out Tuya Convert 2.0 which is a solderless solution. This guy here knows all about that.

Found a use for the Brilliant plug I flashed a few weeks back but I needed to add a temp sensor on it so check out the upgraded version :smile:

Also with a minor edit of this driver it works fine within HE too.

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You really are a mad scientist. One day your plugs will rise up and destroy their creator. Be careful bro!


if you want to start your own black market modified HA devices, im down to buy some :wink:

What's the use you found for it?

Go for it, man. Love it,
Could you not have located it inside the plug body and drilled a small hole to align with the teeny tiny hole in the the sensor chip ??

I'm still scheming up what I want to do with the $19 Aldi Smart plug I bought because it has "dual relays" inside. They're both exposed through Tasmota along with LED control.

Cut a few traces and those relays could be "dry contacts" for all sorts of OnN/Off, Up/Down type controls

haha nah man only using the v3.3 volt pin out for this (same used for flashing) so no where near the main. It works a treat though, I need to use this in my communications rack to turn on and off the turbo fans in there as no point running 24/7 :wink:

LOL.. mate if you guys want anything just let me know and I will start pimping myself out :grimacing:

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Thanks mate. I actually did try and drill a hole elsewhere but the tiny cables soldered to the ESP chip could tear off so going out the back (same side the chip faces) was far easier. What I didnt show in my picture is I re-glued the temp sensor to the top with 1 dob so it's alot neater now and doesnt move.

Sweet. Yeah there are so many choices isn't there I love it!! Absolutely you can do whatever you want/need it's awesome.

To operate my new communications rack fans but only when needed otherwise they are just always on and it seemed a little unnecessary to be running 24/7. Here's a picture of my new comms rack that I setup yesterday, the two powerful fans sit on top.


That's nice.... I need to organize my network. It's scattered all over the place and I hate it.

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Thanks mate. My new house build is still underway (i think 1-2 weeks until completion) and I am on holidays so I clearly have too much time on my hands bahha.. oh btw I installed the Shelly Alarm yesterday too and it looks great! :blush:

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Looks spiffy. Mine is more a ball of spaghetti at the back of a shelf in my home office. Is that a little Reolink DVR? I've got a couple of their battery cameras. They work ok but unfortunately, can't RTSP the video from them to anything but their proprietary app.

Thanks mate. Yeah Reolink and it works pretty darn well. I also found if I use the below link I can do 2sec refreshes on my dashboard. I have two tablets in the house (front and rear) so I can see my CCTV footage on there so it suited my needs.


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Here's the finished Brilliant plug (no pun intended) after I added some hot glue. It's actually not to bad now :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s better.
No doubt You’ll refine it, the more you build. LOL

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