Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat

Nice work mate.

I'll see if I can create a closed wiki topic (with Bobby's help) for us to populate with product/retailer information to help folks find available options for their automations.


Started to put together a structure for the wiki pages, to collect together the information.

Let me know if this format for recording the different retailers looks alright.

It always happens, it looks like weโ€™ve got a couple of โ€œwannabesโ€ in our group. :blush::rofl:

Everyone wants to be as sunburnt and ruggedly handsome as us.

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Can we join multiple nation groups? I might join USA...........

Yes, you can. Note that the last group you join sets the avatar flag. You can change the flag in your account preference, or by dropping out of the group and join again so it will be the last you joined. This is applicable to "Owners" and "Developers" groups, which are also public now.


Still waiting on Ikea Adelaide to get them...

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Did anyone pick up any of the ALDI cocoon stuff? Looks like their Bauhn stuff is wifi tuya as well.

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I got one of the Power+ USB plugs and it's a nice design and very easy to open up / take apart BUT then its a real pain to get to the pins on the TUYA board.
The only access is by desoldering the 3 Pin plugs like...


Need to spin up a Raspberry pi VM and try an OTA flashing.

Now that I hadn't considered. You just spin up a VM with rasbian os on it?

Just did it this afternoon at work (sic) now I have to find time to try it out.
I selected a Debian OS during the VM install.

My shopping trip got delayed till Monday, might try and spin up a vm with linux in the meantime ready. Also got the Hubitat for home in the mail so plan to spin that up over the weekend as well, nightshift workload permitting

@jchurch Only 3 ports on the tp-link, but still handy. Think i'll wait for a special of some kind though, that price point is probably a bit exxy. Good for those of us not comfortable with the tasmota flashing.

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Does anyone know if these Tp-Link Kasa Filament Smart Bulb work with hubitat

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Welcome Leo. Kasa bulbs aren't natively supported, but there is a community integration. I've started populating product info here AU/NZ Products and Retailer Guide

Not sure with that particular bulb though.

Thanks. The filament bulbs are not mentioned in that thread so might not yet be supported since it's a new product.

I was initially looking at the Hue Filament bulbs and then control them through the Hue bridge but it doesn't look like they will be available in Australia soon. The Tp-Link filament bulbs will be available next week and looks to be cheaper.

Very good chance they'll work with one of the existing drivers. Especially if they're a fixed colour bulb with on off and dim

I've no experience with WiFi bulbs as I only have 1 x TP-Link HS110 with which I'm controlling a string of LED lamps and it's slow. :frowning: Although for this application it's of no consequence.
In terms of speed and responsiveness, in my place it is definitely;
Hardwired - (5 out of 5)
Zigbee - fastest (4.5 out of 5)
Zwave - fast (3.5 out of 5)
WiFi- slow (2 out of 5)

The HS-110 is like..flick the switch, 1001, 1002 and it's ON.