Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat

How bout MyBookSpaceFace?

We'll see if a Regional category could be made. Could make a wiki post to collate some Aus info.

best to keep all info on the forums so its searchable for google.
The more attention the better / easier to help.

Chatted with Bobby and he think it's worth considering to have region categories, but he's concerned for places being left out. I suggested to just keep the sub-categories broad like have an Oceania sub category for AUS/NZ, as well as ones for Europe, North America, Asia etc. We could then use a wiki post in the Oceania category to update information around retailers, and product availability in our region etc. Sound reasonable?


I like the idea of specific category for products at least, always a pain to see a post on something new and cool and we can't have it and then to search around for the equivalent :slight_smile:

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It's Aldi's "Smart Home" Wednesday today
WiFi controllable, 3 port power boards and power plugs, with USB

Apparently they should be flashable :slight_smile:

If you have an rpi already there is a new OTA method that doesn't require soldering and pulling apart. I think i'll grab the new tp-link one, even though it's pricey, but I don't have an rpi yet.

Ok, so Aldi is only 500m from my office so I popped in and grabbed a Power+USB Plug for $20.
Inside shots of it.....
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Seems well built and they're switching both Active and Neutral :slight_smile:

Found this, when I googled - TYWE2S
: CE Smart Home LA WF3 Wifi Plug (TYWE2S) ยท arendst/Tasmota Wiki ยท GitHub

@gbrown what's an RPI ? is that the thing for flashing like this ?
Amazon flashing thing

Raspberry Pi 3 / 4. Those little mini computers.

stupid me, had one here somewhere got put it in a box when we moved house and now I can't find it, might have to acquire another one...โ€ฆ...

Yes, I now have a smart home box. Makes life much easier. Soon it will be a cupboard.

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Maybe we could get a Category (or a sub-category in the Lounge) so we can stop using a single thread for everything. How about it @bravenel?

Does anyone have the Swann One Door/Window sensors hooked up to HE? It apparently has a temp sensor built in as well. Curious to know if anyone has figured out a way to have the contact and the temp working from these things.

I think it's @bobby who deals with forum shenigans. How about it Bobby?

Yes, Bobby has said he'll chat with the others about it.

I'm afraid I would rather gnaw my own arm off than use Facebook. Perhaps something on Reddit? FastLED is on there.

Lol. Yes that's been the general consensus. :grin:

For those of us on the west coast, Ikea Perth has added zigbee tradfri repeaters to their stock. They're each $19,99, There's plenty of stock lying around!

Was looking at an echo show 5 and bunnings has them for $109.
Or better, officeworks will price match and beat by 5%

Been considering one for ages, and this is best price ive seen - time to go shopping on the weekend!

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Thanks @bobbyD for the regions and group. Appreciate it. :smile: