AU/NZ Deals

Looks like it's the new price for show 5.

Even Myer

Also no price match from office works as they have it listed for $109

Good guys have 20% off on there ebay store, Google nest and hue products seem reasonably priced.

Example, Hue dimmer is $28

Fantastic deal on Nest Protect Smoke Alarms (comes in wired or battery). I know there isn't any HE integration yet but I suspect next year there might be given Google's recent position.

In case any one is interested, Capital Smart Homes....

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Those Tp-Link Kasa powerboards have come out. Although only 3 ports :frowning:

Not sure how well aqara integrate with HE, but mydeal have these sensors at 40% off

Nice one. Just grabbed myself a couple.

No probs.
Grabbed one for myself also.

Wouldn't that be a standard type price for them though.

If it's the same. I just got ripped off! :man_facepalming:

What's the difference between the 2?

The normal xiaomi pill shaped ones average about $12 via aliexpress. I've found all the aqara sensors to be less reliable or maybe I'm just unlucky.

HS 110. Not to be confused with the HS 100 which has no power monitoring

tried to get this, cant seem to get the free delivery

Found a good deal on TP-Link K303 Powerboard. $67.15 using POW15 Code. Free postage with Ebay Plus if you've got it.

I gotta stop buying things I don’t have a need for !! :confounded::unamused:

Just read that JB are doing 20% off Smart Lighting on Friday.

HS100 twin pack for $38

David Jones have some good Hue discounts. Picked up some hue dimmers in kit with basic white bulb for 17 bucks!

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