Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat

Hi all was wondering seeing we don't have much z-wave equipment here in Australia can we get the US hub and then link with the link software that way we can use US z-wave and AU z-wave
Just a thought
I know it's illegal But

Can’t see why it wouldn’t work.
The radio sticks should appear identical to the actual Hubs.

Yeah i thought the same thing
The US has some really nice Z-Wave gear would love some of it here in Australia
Plus a lot cheaper just have to be careful of voltage

It does work, have been doing using 2 hubs since last year. I am using just battery operated sensors.

Isn't it illegal because it is on the same frequency as bits of the mobile phone network and will interfere with it? If you live in suburbia there's a good chance it will have an impact on mobile phone usage for your neighbours etc.

Sorry about the delay, I’m travelling.

The Yale lock with the Z-Wave module works fine. I did bring my hub over with a long network cable to pair, as initially it wouldn’t pair with the hub in the next room.

Apart from that it works well. I recently changed a bunch of codes with the Lock Manager and that worked well.

I’m not yet using for any automations so I can’t vouch for how response the signalling is. I’m thinking of switching over a couple more doors.

Ok, good feedback. I'll see how I go.
Seems like it's probably the most capable offering we have. I looked at the August for a while but seems a little flakey connected to HE.

I have moved the HH away from the HE, and had the GU10 literally sittin ontop as I searched for a new bulb and nothing.. Power cycled the bulb and everything.

I got the grab to work on Edge just now, make sure you got to the aussie alexa skills site and choose alexa in the drop down in ogies app.
dont worry about the container thing that shows up.

Got it too :slight_smile: Thanks!!! Will try it when HE turns up

Hey fellow Aussies, has anyone tried one of these Presence Sensor

This might be just what I’m after for our cars !

My xiaomi's motion sensors are not staying online - i'd love the ikea outlets but may not be able to wait til october. I'm hoping the T1 3.0 aqara motion sensors are released soon :frowning:

@njanda - I have the swannone outlets and they work super fast and always stay connected. But don't seem to play well with cheap stuff. I don't see why that presence sensor would not work - there's a few discussions on smartthings about it i thought. edit here you go

i can't find any info on when the xiaomi's new 3.0 stuff is coming out other than August in china.

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Cool. I’d always thought the Swanone stuff was WiFi until I read your post so thanks.
Under $25 bucks is a great price for a presence sensor in Aus. :+1:t3:
Now I’ve ordered one to test :blush:

nice! yeah they seem to say wifi and then zigbee down lower

they sell motion sensor as well but it only says wifi. very odd. maybe they are zigbee also those motion sensors. 25 bucks affordable.

Below you will find details about the Swann fob but it doesn't sound that great. I have been playing around with WiFi on phones, WiFi fobs in cars and they are all "ok" but not perfect. Last night I installed an Xbee3pro in my car with a micro python script installed on it to check in every 10secs and it reports back to a Xbee Presence sensors HE driver too and so far so good.

Also I had a friend in the US post me some Samsung Smartthings Arrival sensors as I hear they work pretty well. I think it cost me $98 AUD for two fobs and postage.

Yeah I too am waiting for these to be released. I am currently building a house that should be finished in Oct/Nov so I am hoping the stars align so I can order them. That said if you really need to use the old Xiaomi sensors you can install Xbee's around the house and route them via them. See below.

Yeah also found This

So is it a presence sensor? Or is it once you press a button, it knows you are "home".

Hi @ohauporoad, Did you get what you needed from this post? I am in the same position. I have an Aeotec Garage Controller too; same thing - shows as generic z-wave garage controller.
Are you happy with this? I would like to see it integrated into Google Home. How about you? Are you happy with how you automated the Garage Controller through Hubitat?
Here's my link to my post in Support: Aeotec Z-Wave Garage Controller

I wondered the same thing but after doing a bit of digging have assumed it’s a presence sensor/arrival sensor.
Either way I ordered one from Kogan so we’ll see.
I’m not skilled enough to create a driver or such so it’ll pretty much have to work first go or it’ll go into ‘the shed’.