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I will give this a go tonight and report back too.

Good news.

There is a new (sic) Nue driver. I presumed it would be under "generic zigbee switch".

It works perfectly for the single switch, which I paired newly after the new firmware. I've not tried the others yet.


Just did my 1gang, 2gang and 2gang GPO and all working great. Thanks heaps @mike.maxwell. I cannot wait until the 1gang dimmer is ready and then I am totally sorted :smile:


Mike's been great at helping with these drivers. Loving it

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I added 8 more Tradfri WS today to my 2nd Hue Bridge with a Hue tap (nothing else on this bridge at the moment). Channel 20 on this one. Found if the bridge was searching and I turned on the lights it found them no problem, started with one at a time and ended up doing the last 4 altogether.

Again, no problems, still waiting for the HE to arrive, it's landed in Sydney at least now :slight_smile:

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Hi all was wondering if anyone here in oz or anywhere for that matter have got any zigbee curtain motors working on HE
would like to get a couple front window curtains opening and closing with RM

I’m waiting on ikea :+1:t3:

Isn't ikea only blinds and not curtains

Yes, sorry.

Got it a few days ago and it works with with a custom driver (Nue ZIgbee Wasll Switch 1 Gang).

yeah, alright steve.. stop showing off.
wanna fly to brisbane and join my bulbs for me??

FYI You don't require a custom Nue switch driver anymore so long as you update to the latest 2.1.4 version of HE as their now officially supported.

Brisbane represent! :slight_smile: . What side of town?

North side, around north lakes!

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I have two more to add, will try those when the HE arrives to see if that makes any difference, I was half expecting the other 8 to cause me hassles after your experience, been a little while since I added any so had everything crossed in preparation.

Hey fellow Aussies,
Ikea Customer Support got back to me with “we currently are anticipating that the TRADFRI signal repeaters will be introduced into our range this October.
And that coincides with the release of the SYMFONISK speakers.
So Who hoo !


Also if your planning to get the Ikea smart blinds they have a repeater in every box too :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah.
Repeaters, Speakers & Blinds.
October is gonna be fun. :partying_face:

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I asked my sister in the UK to buy and post me a couple of the Ikea repeaters. Over a month later and they’re still not here. Presumably lost in transit :frowning: maybe I should just wait instead of her trying again if they’re due to be released here soonish?

4-5 weeks away.
I hope :crossed_fingers: