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While I wait for HE I have tested using a browser and curl. Will use the info here to trigger ultimately

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Hey @mike.maxwell
Looking forward to this. Will we need to re-pair these 3a switches once the new firmware drops, or will changing the device driver manually work?

saw this artwork across my desk today,
Yes - its bluetooth
Yes - its cloud


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Heads up to my felow aussies

Bloke on ebay selling a bunch of zwave dimmers, switches and relays..

FYI everyone:
I just had a quick look and most appear to be the older generation products.
They’re NOT ZwavePlus but if the price is right for you...go for them.

Anyone had any experience with these Powermesh switches yet? Do any other switches we know of (worldwide) utilise the Bluetooth LE mesh protocol yet??
Lastly, I'm assuming that if these were to ever integrate into HE, we'd be limited to cloud connection?

If there’s a published API for the cloud gateway, perhaps HE could send HTTP commands through it to the devices.

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I noticed this in their FAQ.
8. How many devices can be on a Powermesh network?

The maximum number of devices on a Powermesh network is 64.

Seems like a very modest limitation?? The Bluetooth website is claiming 1000+ nodes is possible with their protocol. I'm having high hopes for something decent and/or mainstream to come along here in Aus.

Hi @mike.maxwell question 3A here in Australia have a 4 button zigbee controller coming, Will the drivers from the 1,2 and 3 button work on the new 4 button

maybe, no idea, I wasn't sent one of those to work with, however if this one works the same way as the 1, 2 and 3 endpoint models, then it should work...

Is it a load controller?, or just a button controller...

Hi Mike pretty sure it's a load controller not a scene controller
He also has a 3 speed fan controller coming as well hopefully he will send one to you to get drivers built has 4 buttons speed 1 speed 2 speed 3 and an off button :smiley:

Clipsal’s Iconic range of switches have smart options, and those switch mechs use Bluetooth as well. I have a feeling we’ll see them promoted on Ten’s “The Block” this season.

Yes that looks to be a load controller, it may or may not work, it may or may not select the new switch driver, we'll see...

what are you aussie guys using for sirens ?

I just put this together today with a spare Shelly 1 I had laying around and it worked well. I think the Strobe/Siren cost me about $20 on Aliexpress.


Are the single 3a switches supposed to update on/off status on the dashboard/device page if they are turned on/off via digital? They update via physical, but not digital. They update after manually pressing refresh on the device page.

I've not tried the 3 gang version, and have to wait a few hours before I can.

did you click configure after switching the driver?, but yes all the samples that I have (1,2 and 3 gang) all updated from digital commands.

Yes. I'll give it another go.

Edit: no go. Didnt work.