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I saw this, don't know if it helps or not, it is for a Hue hub.
Have you reset the bulbs ? 6 times toggle ?

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I do have the hue hub 60cm away from my HE.
@steveff is your hue hub near your HE hub ?
maybe I need to power down my HE and try the pairing process that way...

My HE hub is nowhere near the Hue hub, according to USPS it's on a plane from LA to Sydney :wink: When it does arrive I will be getting some more WS bulbs to pair with Hue so will be interesting to see if that makes a difference.


ah.. we might of found the issue. lemme try that.
nice link @pistnbroke

*nope - shutdown the hub, and all the zigbee bulbs I had in the house. Tried 3 times with multiple resets on the WS, nothing.

*maybe I need to shutdown the repeaters too ?

Worth a try... I only have a few Zigbee devices, no ikea stuff though. I have not had any
problems with them. Only diff I think is mine is on channel #22....

Hi guys called in to 3A Smart Home at Moorabbin this morning to pick up one of the 3 button zigbee switches
They have some new equipment just arrived from China a 4 button zigbee switch and a Fan controller with 4 Btns speed 1 , speed 2 and speed 3 and 4th Btn is off and they look same as 1, 2 or 3 Btn controllers hopefully he will send to mike.maxwell so he can create the drivers for them
These are just what i have been looking for :grinning:

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Hi Guys,

Thank you for building this Aussie community, this forum convinced me to make the dive to Hubitat as my first home automation project.

It arrived this week so I rushed out to Bunnings today and played around with a HS100 and a 240v light, was very surprised at how easy it was. Super exciting!
Just wanted to say hi from Sydney and apologise in advance for the silly questions to come!


Welcome. I don’t think you’ll regret your choice BUT make sure you setup your Mesh's correctly. Check the doc’s

Nice one. I also heard from Kevin (3a Smart Home) that he will be receiving a 3000w capable switch in the coming weeks which will be great for switches that have a higher wattage past the current 300w maximum.

Are those Aeotec Range Extenders the “6” ?

The previous version was ZWave while the current version is ZWave Plus.

No logo visible on the pics.

I googled DSD37 and can see it is the older one.

From Vesternet:

Although Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus are essentially the same thing, there are clear improvements that were made to the Gen 5 that Z-Wave Plus certifies. Some of the main differences between Z-Wave vs Z-Wave Plus include:

  • Battery – Z-Wave Plus offers 50% more battery life.
  • Range – Devices are able to communicate up to nearly 200 feet further with Z-Wave Plus.
  • Installation – Z-Wave Plus allows new devices to automatically connect to the network, allowing for an easier installation process.
  • Bandwidth – The network able to handle larger amounts of data with Z-Wave Plus’ 250% more bandwidth.
  • Diagnostics – The Z-Wave Plus new Explorer Frame feature allows devices to address issues on its own and allow for peak efficiency.
  • Channels – Z-Wave Plus offers three new F Channels that increase bandwidth and improve device connections.

hey @csteele,
Battery life, doesnt really matter I guess as these are mains powered.
Range, fair point, but im not going for distance over reliabiliy.
Install - the aeon 6 multi's hopefully will be passing through this - so it will be harder then?
I only have 4 zwave devices.

I thought i'd searched that these were the newer model as there was another listing on ebay with the AU at the end and that was listed as a 6. Apologies if I have mislead anyone.

I doubt it's a problem, just wanted to be informative.

As far as I know, the messages that allow for Joining will pass through, unaltered. Newer have more memory, and thus can route larger messages and more of them. Explorer frames will not make it, however.

If you have a mixed ZWave and ZWave Plus network, then adding a ZWave (extender) won't make it worse. If however you have already paid for a full ZWave Plus network, you don't want to inadvertently add one of these older devices.

I don't have an extender and my ZWave mesh is good and is a mixed network. There's a lot of anecdotal info to say for Locks and Garage Door Openers an Extender can be a night and day improvement. So again, just know what you're buying so you can make an informed decision. :slight_smile:

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I have 3 aeon 6 multi's and a remotec 8 button controller (all Plus) so adding these 2 in will slow it down/dont advise to add them ?

The value in these Extenders is usually dependent on the state of mind at the time of purchase :smiley:

There are stories of people struggling to move devices from their previous system to Hubitat. Devices that exclude and join easily on the old system, simply won't on Hubitat. Out of desperation, not really believing, they buy a couple. Magic. Everything works and reliability is incredible. If this is you.. then, please, buy the Plus. :slight_smile: There's just 30% more Magic in them :smiley:

If, like you, everything joined, it's all working but you're thinking of adding more devices over there, where there's no ZWave already and the closest is a couple walls away. These would be fine. You're going to be able to move them around and find an optimum socket. You're not frustrated yet. Maybe you have a ZWave device or two that don't work on Tuesdays. (All the time but miss once or twice a month,) Then these older ones will probably have just enough Magic. :slight_smile:


Well, I've been enjoying the world of zigbee battery powered devices and was on the assumption train that my zwaves were going to need the same help. I have held back 2 of the multi 6s thinking I wanted these extenders in first - but maybe I just deploy them and see how they go.

@stevebott123 did you get TTS working with Alexa, I have loaded the AlexaCookie.Js on my synology NAS but it only lets me connect to USA, UK and Italy (One other but I've stopped the service now), no Australia. So then I looked at the manual option of getting the cookie via chrome but it doesn't show, searched and saw you had the same problem of no header to save.... Hoping you got it working. If I can get the manual process going I should be able to get the NAS automatically grabbing the cookie as well.

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I had it working manually once, but had a different issue on my hub and scrubbed it. Then when I had my system stable again went back and as you saw with chrome, no luck. But it did work on my aussie echos with an aussie header.
They suggested trying different browsers but I am still building up my system and it wasnt a high priority to play with. I am interested in it down the road if you find a solution.

No apology necessary mate.
2 x Gen5 Aeotec repeaters turned up this arvo.
Zwave Plus :blush:

Thx for the tip off :+1:t3:

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Decided on a different tack, installed Lannouncer on the tablet that is mounted on the wall and using the bluetooth speaker connected to this to make announements, will see how that works as I don't need announcements to every Echo in the house. Just in the main living area to let me know when my daughter has left school and heading home that sort of thing.

what are you using to fire the notification to lannouncer ?