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Excellent news @mike.maxwell!! Just to confirm will it also include the Nue 1gang dimmer switch as well?

The dimmer drivers are in an internal beta, they likely won't be out in 2.1.4.

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OK no worries so long as you received them that's great. Out of interest what other products did he end up sending to you?

The outlet plug, which I've added the fingerprint for.
-three gang dimmer
-light controller (line switch)
-light controller rgbw (strip controller)
-light controller dimmer switch (line dimmer)
and the 12W RGBW Downlight


Thx Mike. Having this brand “compatible and working” will be a good addition to the meager choices available to us in Aus & NZ

Isn’t Nue or 3a smarthome the company that’s got a somewhat dubious reputation on the whirlpool forums? Mainly for suspicion over their certification?
I do wonder if the desperation of Aussie users to have something that works down here is giving them a pass over that stuff.

Apologies if I’ve got the wrong company.

no idea what the whirlpool forum is, and I don't need to probably...

Zigbee devices that have been certified are all listed at the Zigbee alliance website.

Personally based on what I've witnessed with real Zigbee devices, certification isn't a guarantee that a given device will be implemented to spec and or bug free firmware wise, conversely lack of certification doesn't mean the device won't work to a given spec.

I've seen certified Zigbee devices from major US manufactures that have major bugs in their device firmware, and I've seen devices from unknown Chinese outfits that work perfectly...

Keep in mind that I'm talking Zigbee certification, not UL/CE and whatever else governs line voltage regulations...

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I can confirm the Nue switches have global-mark JAS-ANZ certification. You can head over to the global-mark website and enter the company name 3A Smart Home Pty Ltd. I believe that whirlpool forum you speak of is old and maybe they didn't have complete certification or something at the time for everything.

btw, from my research the Nue switches are effectively rebadged Zemismart switches. I have searched global-mark and they are certified under that name as well.


Thanks Mike, I did mean Australian electrical safety regulations. Not having approved products can void your home insurance if it can be proved the non-approved problem caused the fire. And as for doing anything with mains power without being a qualified electrician, forget it! I’m constantly amazed at what you guys in the US do with your wiring systems by yourself.

I havent been able to pair that bulb (GU10 with the raised head) but these are the ones ive been able to pair.

I had to start the Hue hub searching for the bulb and then while it was searching turn the bulb off and on again, as soon as it came on it picked it up.


My WS has the same firmware and im trying it exactly the same way i've added the other bulbs. Ha - well i'll give it afew more goes tonight then.
I had a similar thing where I got the clear 980lm to pair, but it was uncontrollable and when I deleted it it never came back on the hue after multiple goes.

Yeah I usually power cycle the bulb, start the hue find, then power cycle it again mid search. But multiple tries I just gave up. I would prefer the WS over the W cause I hate the low level kelvin colour.

Only other thing I think I did was take the GU10 power lead out of the ceiling and plug it in near the hue hub, they paired easily though so not sure why yours wont. I had more trouble pairing the Tradfri Transformer, that took a few goes and had to do the power cycle 5 times to reset it. I like the WS because when you select the hue white scenes like Bright the colours all match (Hue whites, colours and Tradfri). I didn't try the W because of the single white colour.

I had a sparkie mate make me a handheld GU10 power cord and I hold it less that 5cm away for the hub when pairing, so distance isnt the issue there.

Odd, I have 4 of them so far and they all paired OK.

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yeah i'll try tonight and do it a handful of times.

Can i ask what channel your hub is on ?
thats the only thing I can thing, my bulbs up to date, my hue is up to date. I try resetting before pair, during pair. It just wont find it.

Channel 25, hopefully that will help.

nah - mines 25 as well. Bah.
tried 6 or so times, wont even pair.

Just added the 2 colour bulbs I bought (hue) paired straight away no issue.
I just dont get it.