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HE turned up today, plugged in, updated, added the Alexa Skill and my Hue Bridges and now I can control ALL my lights through Alexa not just those on Hue Bridge one :slight_smile: Simple stuff but a big leap forward in convenience... Now to do the motion sensors, door sensors, garage, plugs etc etc.


my only advice would be to add things in slowly, so if you need to backtrack its easier.

Hi Can anybody recommend Smart ZigBee or zwave Roller Blinds or curtains that works great with HE.

I saw 3A smart roller blinds but not sure if we have drivers code for it?

Email Kevin (3a Smart Home) and ask him to send the blinds rollers to @mike.maxwell as I am sure Mike would be happy to get them supported into HE.

IKEA are bringing some out soon in aus aren't they ?the repeaters are all coming in September apparently. (up higher on this thread ) tho I got a message back from their Facebook yesterday saying it was not coming out here for now

"Thanks for the message. At this point in time, it does not appear that we will be receiving the TRร…DFRI wireless control outlet in Australia. As this range is still very new, there may be a few options that are not currently available to our market and are yet to come. We will definitely pass on your interest in the product and highly recommend signing up to IKEA family to keep in the loop about any future product announcements. If you need any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out."

I would imagine they would work as they are Smartthings compatible. I was looking at these as well.

One of the things you need to make sure of is tube size.....

I have electric external blinds but use Zwave controllers for those.....


Iโ€™ve been chasing the ikea repeaters NOT the wall outlets and was told October release in Aus, along with the speakers and blinds.
Who knows :blush:

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2 bulbs, a bridge and a controller.
The bulbs alone are worth it. I will be testing this hub to see if it will join my ikea bulbs my other one wont, could even onsell the hub cheap. Always good to have another controller.

This looks like a good start! And a great price...... Specially for aus!

I try and post the specials I find as it is quite baron out here for us.

Damn straight. Pricing is ridiculous for us!
Keep up the good work๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ

I just re-read the description of what's included and it 1st says kit come with 2 bulbs, then at the bottom is says it comes with 4 bulbs... And no mention of the switch! :thinking:

its the orange one, starter kit.
oh yeah, its pictured but not included

but it is listed

  • Change your light setting (dimming and pre-set light recipes) with the hue wireless dimmer switch from the comfort of your sofa
  • Connect the Hue Bridge with two bulbs that fit standard-size table lamps and a dimmer to control the light intensity Grow your system with support for up to 50 lights

Live chat confirmed 2 bulbs, hub and dimmer.

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I just bought 3 "3 gang 3a smart switches" which are on special via amazon, plus there is 12% cashback via cashrewards. So I got them for AUD42.30 each delivered. Not bad.

Just be mindful, some are wifi, some are zigbee.


Nice one!
What hope have us Aussies got, if they can't even get a product description right... :joy:

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do the little buttons light up ?

Yes, I've got some of them already installed. Now they are officially supported by HE, I just bought some more.
Blue = off, red = on.
Not for bedrooms.

thanks mate, ill check with Kevin
meanwhile, i believe i can try this with my existing roller blind, and connect with Power Relay, SPDT, similar to below video instead of garage ill use roller blind....

You could do that same thing in the video but use a Wemo's D1 mini too. I currently use 2 on my garage doors and they are rock solid tiny WiFi chips.