Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat

Did you get this deal?
Seems to have ended now....

Anyone know when the Aus version will be back in stock?

sure did, delivery monday

Should have bought when i looked at work, instead of waiting to get home.
I read on Oz bargain that it's out of stock with Amazon, hence why the dearer price at a different retailer....... Hopefully it come back in stock!

was a daily deal so i think ur out of luck now.


Just installed one of the Nue 1 gang switches, it works great with the new updated official drivers. Does anyone know what the status of the scene switches are from Nue?

Good to hear mate. I've had no issues with these switches and the new firmware either.

I haven't got any scene switches but I did email Kevin (3a smart home) requesting that he sends them to @mike.maxwell to have them supported but he never responded too me. I suggest you do the same as I am sure the more people whom ask the more likely it will be done.

Fyi all,

I noticed some new smart products being sold at Kmart (links below). These must be a rebadged Chinese device so maybe even some HE drivers somewhere that would work with this. Anyways good to see some local AUS stuff popup.

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when it says "works with alexa" does that mean its supported for streaming to the alexa's with screens you reckon?

heres a similar one, different "brand" but cant nail down if it works with the echo show

Hi all. Ended up here after a journey through Vera, Zipato and Smartthings. At the moment have devices mainly still on Zipato but have transitioned a selection firstly across to ST and then onto Hubitat.
The main reason I haven't decommissioned my Zipabox completely is because I need it to control my garage door. I have ZConnect Garage Door Controller, which the Zipabox correclty identified as 2 binary switches and 2 binary sensors.
I'm using one switch for door control and the sensors for door position and IR beam obstruction.
So important is this device to my system (gets used every day by multiple family members) that I purchased a second one to do a "test run" with ST.
I had no luck in getting the device recognised and no response when requesting assistance through the forums.
When slow cloud responses convinced me to switch to Hubitat I was pleased to see that the ZConnect controller was mentioned and working on a Hubitat system. Indeed, I can get the unit to join securely as a generic z wave device. However when I try to assign a driver to it I can only get a single binary switch to operate. No second switch or sensors detected.
Has anyone with this device found a working device driver to use? I can't dump my old system completely until I'm sure I can bring my garage door across successfully. Thanks.

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Hey Daz, welcome!
Whilst is good to have you in the aussie section (I assume this is an aussie spec device aka why youre in here) but you might be better running a search through the forum / writing a post if there is nothing that answers your question. She might get lost in here as this is typically a lounge type area and not specific to your needs.
But who knows, maybe one of the lads has this one and can chime in.

Thanks Steve. I did indeed include it in the Aussie thread because it is a device which seems to be only available in Australia. It's distributed by DHS (Digital Home Systems) which I think are an Oz only company.
I will take your advice and look elsewhere through the forum for a driver or information that may help me in creating one of my own.

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even if you scroll up there are some other aussie products that are currently being shipped to the HE team for drives to be made. So there are afew options. I know @mike.maxwell can sometimes work off a fingerprint of the device as well.
Good luck on your search, hopefully you find what you need!

Not sure mate I haven't even used Alexa before either only Google so unfortunately I'm not the best person to comment on that :persevere:

Welcome mate. If your trying to control a garage door I'd look into Hubduino. I personally use a WeMos D1 mini with a contact sensor and its rock solid as it has not skipped a beat since i installed it months ago. In fact I have two seperate garage doors so I use two of these things (one in each door). Bloody cheap as well i think $5 per chip with relay shield.

Anyways something to consider while you find a fix for your current solution maybe?

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The SwannOne FOB arrived to day so I tried pairing it.
It was detected straight away, through one of my repeaters, as a device. Good start but I think it is just a FOB with ZERO presence capabilities unfortunately. :frowning:

This was what I grabbed from the pairing process.
Is this called as a "finger print" ?

ID: 934A
Manufacturer: SwannONe
Product Name:
Model Number: SWO-KEF1PA
deviceTypeId: 14
manufacturer : SwannONe
idAsInt : 1
inClusters : 0000,0003,0001,0500,0000
endpointId : 01
profileId : 0104
application :
outClusters : 0003,0501
initialized : true
model : SWO-KEF1PA
stage : 4

Then from the LOGS:

dev:16012019-09-02 06:51:16.900 pm infofingerprint profileId:"0104", endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0000,0003,0001,0500,0000", outClusters:"0003,0501", model:"SWO-KEF1PA", manufacturer:"SwannONe"
dev:16012019-09-02 06:51:15.676 pm infofingerprint profileId:"0104", endpointId:"01", inClusters:"0000,0003,0001,0500,0000", outClusters:"0003,0501", model:"SWO-KEF1PA", manufacturer:"SwannONe"
dev:16012019-09-02 06:51:15.606 pm traceZCL version:01
dev:16012019-09-02 06:51:15.604 pm traceSoftware Build Id:unknown
dev:16012019-09-02 06:51:15.601 pm traceModel:SWO-KEF1PA
dev:16012019-09-02 06:51:15.598 pm traceManufacturer:SwannONe
dev:16012019-09-02 06:51:15.306 pm traceZCL version:01
dev:16012019-09-02 06:51:15.293 pm traceSoftware Build Id:unknown
dev:16012019-09-02 06:51:15.292 pm traceModel:SWO-KEF1PA
dev:16012019-09-02 06:51:15.289 pm traceManufacturer:SwannONe

Yeah that was my understanding of that device E.g it was only a ZigBee remote control. Still could be handy for things. But that's why I ordered the Samsung Arrival Sensors just hard to get in AUS so I had to ask a friend who lives in the US to send me some (they are still on their way).

Yes those Samsung one's would be nice to have.
Not having much luck getting the FOB to be usable.
Have to double press each button for the FOB to register with the HE hub and then big delay (20 sec) before the actual button number registers in HE.

Ah that's a shame... Maybe someone updated the driver on Samsung Smartthings so you could try and check for a newer version where some of this has been ironed out?