Hubitat for AUS/NZ Chat

Oh cool. Nice pricing too. Just ordered 10 x Iris v2 motions otherwise I would grab one to check them out.
My gut feeling is that I expect them to be just the same as US ones.

Yeah, thought the pricing was alright. Not too much of an OzTax applied there. How much did you get the iris sensors for each?

$10 ea.

Wow, thatโ€™s cheap. Where did you get the from?

Ebay seller

Arriving this week :+1:t2:

Qlder here checking in, pretty sure the hubitat is the one for me - just poking around the forums at the moment.
cc First post / have some questions

After afew hours trawling through the forums i've pulled the trigger on this to give it a go.

My ten little beauties arrived today. All with batteries and pull tabs in place. :-):+1:


Silly question, with alexa and hubitat - do I need to ask alexa, to tell hubitat to "X" or can alexa run a routine / scene without the need for the hubitat part ?

Sorry, she's not welcome in my house. :slight_smile:
As general as your question is, I think it'd be better in a more relevant "Alexa" thread such as Interesting Issue with An Alexa Routine

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Aye, good point good point.
Ordered my hubitat and just a tad excited. Will research it some more, thanks for the link.


Just wondering if you ever tried to mate a Hue Dimmer to a Clipsal plate?

I Have just ordered my hubitat and switches are the biggest pain. I would have thought somebody would have something that you could have the same looking switch plate for smart lights and normal lights with the ability to switch your normally lights remotely or have a hard active at your smart lights. Guess not so far.

Had to look that one up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Do you mean something like this?

nano dimmers and modules are for regular lights though. You need to have power on all the time for smart lights, otherwise they are useless. Power cycling smart bulbs via a physical switch all the time can cause the Zigbee radios to fail too. And whatever you do, never dim a regular Zigbee light bulb with a dimmer switch or module. That will kill the Zigbee radio in the bulbs almost immediately.

@SmartHomePrimer I replied to @snickery and I assumed it would have quoted or tagged him in it.

He said he was going to try and mate a hue 4 button dimmer to a 4 gang Clipsal switch plate.

This would kind of make me semi happy with my current complaint about smart lighting. As you say with you never want to turn a smart light off.

So I would have thought somebody would have a module that would allow this and change the mech so it could be used as scene control to turn them on and off. I am sure in a whole house there is a combination of both normal and smart lights.

Knowing what ones have to stay on and ones that donโ€™t and then either need voice or an app to turn them off seems dumb and not very smart.

Any designated scene switches are not in a range that allow nice visual integration with the rest of the house. As in any switch for a normal light would look different to a scene switch.

Yes, its still in the backlog. I got sidetracked on an HA MQTT adventure. Devices and automation on HE and all the wifi enabled things in HA.

Here are the parts! I still need to pull apart the dimmer switch and solder up wires for the momentary switches.

I donโ€™t have a hue switch and never pulled one apart. Is there much to them?

I can not believe there isnโ€™t something out there. Even Clipsal with Nero is still just using types nano switches behind the plate.

I found someone who had pulled one apart, but can't find the link.

I'll try now and let you know how I go!

Also the button behaviours are different, as the top and bottom buttons only do a press, while the middle buttons can also hold.

Yep, agree its annoying that there isn't a standard aussie solution. Legrand/HPM have something now but its expensive and doesn't look aussie. I'm using Aeotec Nano dimmers in other places, but they are expensive - I ended up splurging and buying two of them in for one set of 2 ways, the 2nd one is just used for its switch. I considered something battery powered for the 2nd switch, but just wanted it to work.

Easy to get a part. Undo screws and pry apart. See:

I'll solder on some wires later.

They Litton clip on thing looks like it would work well also but again not Australian.

Yep, wouldn't work here. My goal is to make it all look 'normal'. Clipsal push buttons are the only thing I can find so far. Another thing I looked at was getting a Fibaro door sensor and wiring to clipsal push button, as its got an input on it. Still kinda though pricey.

For example I need to be replace these with 'real' switches at some point, don't fit in with other stuff:

One is on top of clipsal with a punched in switch. The other the plate has been removed and permanently wired on.

I also have no neutral wires, and can't put them in - brick/render everything.