Hubitat C5 Hub Spec

I'm trying to find spec about the new Hubitat C5 Hub.
CPU type, memory size, sd card slot...

Also, is there a way to increase the internal memory of the device, if so how?


No, there is not. Most everything is soldered on the board / not upgradable. If you search around you can find the specs somewhere in this forum - the CPU and memory is the same as the C-4 model.

Thanks for the info,

Cannot find any specs for the C4. Anyone knows the internal memory size of the hub?

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Exactly what I need to know :wink:

I don't know why this information is not available...anywhere

Because it doesn't really matter? It is a closed system, and the end user shouldn't need to care about CPU/Memory/Storage in the least...


Sorry, but it does matter.
On a cloud base device, we don't really care.
But since Hubitat is running things locally, storage space IS important.

Anybody knows?

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You can only do what the device let's you - closed system... You can't see memory usage, storage usage, or CPU utilization.

What part of knowing the capacity values allows you to anything more/different on the hub? Not like you can install more apps, or even watch the CPU/memory to see if you are close to a 'limit'.

Completely meaningless without being able to see the actual used values - which you can't, And even if you could, it is all obfuscated by the Java VM it runs in anyway...


The answer is likely "far more than you need to worry about"--apps and drivers are all quite small, and even with custom code, you would have a hard time making a significant dent. (For fun, I just measured the size of the total webCoRE source and it came out to a bit over 500 KB.) Staff just have to worry about fitting the firmware on the device's storage--and that's their problem, not ours--and not likely a "problem" at all. Let's say it's based on Armbian, bigger versions of which might be a bit under 500 MB. The JRE would add to that but is still probably massively under what the device could support--something only staff know the real answer to anyway.

But if you want a guess, you can read more above--as mentioned, the C3 and C4 appear to be an X96 Mini, many models of which have 8 GB of onboard storage (some have 16 GB). The C5, appearance aside, is reported to have the same specs. I am entirely non-concerned about the entire issue, however--and even if I were, I'd have to install the code for webCoRE (using this metric since we have no way to see how much an instance consumes) over 16,000 times to come close to what is likely the least amount of storage it has. I'd rather spend that time automating my house. :slight_smile:


It's not a secret. There is 1GB RAM and 8GB flash storage. The question is, what does that really mean and what can you possibly do with that information? You are very unlikely to exhaust either resource.


Thanks for the info.
I just wanted to know what was inside.

Now for my other question :wink:
Can we store backups on an external device or online maybe?



Now, I look forward to get my hand on this device (ordered last week).

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I have a simple curl script running on a NAS to download a nightly backup. You need to establish a login to the hub. You capture the token with curl -c cookie.txt -d "username=backup" -d "password=backup" http://hubip/login
curl -sb cookie.txt http://hubip/hub/backupDB?fileName=latest -o "/share/Public/Hubitat/Backup$(date +%Y%m%d%H%M).lzf"


That is brilliant. Love it! Muchos gracias, señor.

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Related question... Is the Hubitat Elevation's network connection Gigabit or 10/100? The reason I ask is because I was debating about putting the Hubitat on my POE using a splitter. But if it will "possibly" degrade it's network performance I would rather make sure it is powered normally.

It is 100 full

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Check out this thread for some suggestions. I have a C3 and C4 on Poe's. Both run fine.

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@mike.maxwell: Thanks! That is exactly what I was wondering and the splitter should not impact it at all then.
@stephack: I saw those and FIGURED it would work, but it did not specifically see something for the C5 and I could not find a spec that called it out. But, Mike Maxwell gave the answer.

Not that my internet connection is close to Gigabit (or even 100Mb) but all my in-house network is on Gigabit with a managed POE switch, so I try to keep things as good as I can.

Yeah, the C5 has a micro USB instead of the barrel connectors. I'm pretty sure the one's for the Raspberry Pi's would be more than enough.

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