Using a POE

So I put in a network Poe injector to micro USB.

I wonder if I could power my Lutron Caseta hub the same way?? Anyone doing this ?

I have done that. But currently I use a USB power block. 6 port Anker USB "charger" powers all the little boxes nicely. There's a newer 10 port which I'm looking at....

I am, My two HE hubs, ST hub and Lutron hub are all on POE splitter to appropriate connector (USB or barrel) all working great. I can remotely pull power on ANY of them through my switch...

Do this with a raspberry pi and a poe+ to 5v adapter. Should be perfectly fine as long as adapter give it the right amount of amperage.

Would you mind sharing the switch and splitter model info?
I'm considering this but I'm not sure what type to get.


Those two. Any POE+ switch would be my recommendation. I use some V7s that I got at screaming deals a while back. 24port POE+ for $110.


Thanks, I'll add those to my wish list...I got impatient and did a bit of research. All the 802.3af/az, etc stuff had me confused but I think I got the gist of it. I ended up getting these

for my Rpi's

This for HE hub

And this switch

They all arrive today...hopefully I picked well. :crossed_fingers:

You would want a managed switch to be able to remotely power cycle your hubs.

It's a smart switch with a web ui so it's a managed switch but not the pro version. Hopefully that means I can shutdown the ports altogether or just POE.

I'm also using an adaptor like that ones for Hub C4 and it's working perfectly, it's also acting as UPS because POE switch is in my main rack were there is already an UPS.

I can suggest also this switch: DGS-1100-05PD Switch EasySmart PoE Passthrough a 5 porte | D-Link Italia
If the main switch is POE AT (30W), then this switch can be used in places where you need more ports but you don't have power (or you prefer to have it under UPS) and it has two POE pass through ports that can provide maximum 18W combined, more than enough for Hubitat and an AP for example..

I have been thinking about what to do about the dwindling power plugs in the room with all my gear. I think this might be the solution.

Thanks everyone.

This is one of the main reasons I'm headed down this road. I plan to connect my Rpi, Lutron hub, HE hub and eventually my Hue hub. This will free up 4 ports, connect them all to UPS and allow me to remotely power cycle these devices (hopefully).

If it all works well, I'll probably get another one for my office where I have my Dev hub and another pi.

I’ve also thought about going down this road as I have 2 Unifi APs with their own POE adapter that I could remove plus 3 HE hubs. I feel like my closet is full of adapters converting AC to DC that I could easily consolidate and hopefully save a little energy.

Curious about the remote power cycles of POE switches. I have a Web Power Switch that allows me to control 7 switches via web services but I don’t want to lose independent control if I move to a POE switch. What is the interface like with a managed hub?

I got this one because of the great reviews and because it was made in the US of A. Unfortunately I didnt read the description properly and it is actually a 1.35 x 3.5mm DC barrel and the HE hub needs a 5.5x2.1mm barrel. Rather than buy one of the other suggested and cheaper options I bought these instead and all is well.

Just wanted to post this in case someone read this thread looking for good options and went with my incorrect item.

Also, the switch I purchased does not seem to support powering off the POE through the web interface. I can disable the network connection but not the power. Not a deal breaker for me though.

I have a couple of small managed Netgear switches like the one above. They work, but the UI is horrible. These are better for only a few bucks extra:


Through the UI or an API can you power off specific POE ports?

I think you can. I don't have any right now. I have 2 Juniper EX-4200's, an EX-3200, and 2 of those Netgear's listed above. I needed something fast, so I bought the Netgears locally. Mistake.

Ubiquiti's Unifi app for managing their devices is awesome though. I use it for wireless AP's and Unifi surveillance cams. I'd love to have their switches just to be able to manage and monitor them via the phone app, but for various reasons, I need to keep the Juniper's in place.

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I did a little digging and it appears the TP-Link 8-Port Gigabit PoE Easy Smart Managed Switch (TL-SG108PE) allows you to turn on/off the individual port power via their web interface. While searching I found a Python library that supposedly controls this switch from linux and OSX so maybe there is hope that an API exists to control these. Ideally I would like HE or NodeRed to be able to toggle them if say I need to restart a hub, AP, Lutron, etc.

If I end up figuring this out I will certainly post back.

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There are some Node Red modules for Unifi:

Although, I think you can probably do it via the Unifi app. If you sign up for, they have a sample site in there with all of the equipment they support, and you can "control" it. I deleted it from my Unifi account, so I can't go back and check. Click on the "Launch" link next to the demo site.

The only thing I'm a bit on the fence about for their products is their USG firewall product. Reading the forums, it looks like there can be some issues with it. I'm waiting for them to come out with a new model with better throughput and I might replace my current Juniper firewall with it just for the visibility I would get via the app. The only problem is porting over my 2200+ line configuration.

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Since today was cleanup the house day, I figured I would finally get some equipment off my office desk. This would not have been possible without my new favorite technology...POE.

That's my secondary HE hub for Dev work. I got a proper Smart Pro POE switch for my "data closet" where I have my Hue, Lutron and Main HE hubs. That's gonna take a bit longer to neaten up so I will post pics of that project when complete.

I love the fact that I no longer have a mess of power adapters to hide away below my desk....all of which are fighting for limited spits on my UPS.