Hubitat C5 Hub Spec


It is 100 full

I just bought a Hubitat and the crazy/strange thing is that it came with a cat 7 cable :open_mouth:




CAT6+ or even CAT7 is just the norm now.


Individual port speed is irrelevant to the other devices on a switch. Only mattered a long long time ago on hubs. :slight_smile:


It matters if the Hubitat could use gigabit, but then got downgraded to 100 because the PoE splitter maxes at that. That is why I asked and got confirmation it was 100 to begin with, so there is no worries about using PoE.

If anyone is still on a hub or 10mb only switch... I think they have bigger problems with their network than worrying about PoE.


FYI, this thread is old, but as much as it is said, both hubs are the same, I've opened both hubs and the C5 has a different processor than the C4. I don't know if it's of any consequence tho.....