Hubitat and Tasker

Hi guys,

Its my first day using hubitat. I have a question concerning staying local. I would like to have my tablet display turn on when my hue motion sensor is activated. The only way I could think of to do this is to have hubitat send a push notification to my tablet when motion is detected and have tasker react to it. If there is any other way please tell me.

I was wondering if sending a push notification or using the hubitat app in general will use cloud service....or if I stay local.

I would like to stay local in every respect....thats why I switched to hubitat in the first place.

I already had a bad feeling connecting my hub to my account....

Best regards!

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Sounds like you have a good starting idea. Rather than the motion sensor have you checked if there are any camera apps that could check motion directly on the tablet? I assume you want it to "wake up" when someone approaches.

My camera is covered by a tablet I cant use it. And I dont want to drill a hole....

But yes thats what I am trying to do.

If you are on Android, I would recommend you check out the Fully Kiosk Browse. It has A LOT of functionality and an API you can tap into. I haven't tried this myself but I'm pretty sure it can accomplish what you are looking for.

Ok thanks a lot! I will have a look at fully kiosk browser! I just want things to run local....:slight_smile:

My guess is there is also a Tasker Auto-App that can receive requests on the LAN (I haven't tried so I don't know), but I have a feeling @Ryan780 or @cwwilson08 might know of something you can use.

I know for iOS there’s a Bluetooth keyboard command to unlock the tablet. I had a similar idea to build an arduino with a motion sensor and Bluetooth keyboard emulation. This was a while ago that I had this idea so now one of those tiny raspberry pi’s might fit the bill better.

Just thought I’d share since i has a similar idea a while ago.

Wow! Fully kiosk browser driver is awesome! So far i've only tested some functions....but these work great!

I have a totally different question now but I dont want to open another thread....

Do you guys know if its possible to remove the top bar from the dashboard? The one that shows the name of the dashboard and also gives you access to settings....I would love to reduce my dashboard to only a background with tiles and nothing else....

Thanks guys!

I don't believe so. I've tried in the past and was told it's not an option. That was many firmware revisions ago but I doubt it has changed since.

Ok thanks. Thats a the way: is there any other dashboard than the hubitat one that works with the hub and runs locally? I read about sharptools but it appears to run cloud based....or am I wrong?

Hubitat is the only officially supported dashboard that runs locally. In the early goings, I used a ported version of a SmartThings app called SmartTiles (now known as ActionTiles). That was more than a year ago so I don't know if it would still work on current firmware. You would also need to have a copy of the app code already. The developer took down the code and does not allow sharing of it. However if you already have it you can use it with a few modifications.

See this thread

Edit : I forgot there is also a dashboard called HousePanel but I'm not sure if it is completely local. @kewashi can chime in on that.

Yes it is fully local. I load jQuery over the web but that can be easily changed in the source code by downloading it locally.

Ok so I went the fully kiosk route with hubitat dashboard for display activation. Thanks for your suggestions!

What I still need is a local (!) trigger to activate tasker....what Ive found so far is that messages arent local but cloud based.

What are http posts? Are these local?

Sorry I still fail to understand some basic concepts....

An HTTP POST is just a message using the HTTP protocol "posting" it to a receiving device. If that device is local to your network then it will stay within there.

Ok thanks. So I would like to send a http post to my tablet which is connected via wifi and use this as a trigger for tasker.

What do I have to do now? How can I find what to send?

Sorry Im really new to this....

I know I'm late to the party, but here is how I would do it...

On the pad, use Tasker and AutoRemote.

Set up an RM rule with a trigger on whichever motion sensors you want to monitor. Action would be "Send HTTP Request" -> "Send HTTP Post" and use your AutoRemote URL to the phone.

Then just make a Tasker profile to act on that AutoRemote event.