Ideal Hub Placement

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@bravenel, Alexa failed me I couldn’t say order it and get 2 day shipping… :wink:

You got two day shipping! Even without Alexa!

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WoooT! Spread the word! Nobody informed me of that! I expect normal delivery.


Now this is interesting. I was creating all kind of virtual switches to tie between 2 ST hubs before and it was no fun.

This may go into another thread but I was wondering.

Currently I’ve heard of an interface from ST -> Hubitat so devices can be viewed/controlled in Hubitat. Is the correct?

What about the reverse? Devices in Hubitat -> ST so you can view/control from ST such as from Phone App or ActionTiles?

Could be a workaround in the meantime before an official phone app / dashboard solution is built. Or is the ST -> Hubitat link bi-directional already?

We have such a capability, although it is not in the current release on the shipped hubs. We will bring it back in an upcoming release, and post something when it's available. This is a uni-directional facility.

SmartTiles has been made to work with Hubitat, for those who have the source code available. We would consider making it available, but that's up to @625alex. The copy of the source code that I have does not allow distribution.

This screenshot is from a running Hubitat system:


That would be all I need to cover the “Control” part of the home automation. So far Hubitat is performing far better than I had imagined.

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100baseT and comes with a cat7 patch cable. lol

@bravenel could you go into more detail on how you made SmartTiles work? I happen to have the source code from a few years ago and tried installing it. I changed the code to generate the appropriate URL to the Hubitat hub, but am getting the following error when trying to view the dashboard:
No signature of method: java.util.LinkedHashMap.encodeAsJSON() is applicable for argument types: () values: on line 219

I am sure there are other areas in the code that need to be changed. Thanks!

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@bravenel, I know this is an old post but the simple app install on the slave hub. Is this app called hub link?

We haven't completed this, not seeing anyone wanting multiple linked hubs. It could be made to work by using the ST app we posted installed in Hubitat. The master hub is the one that runs Hub Link.

The app for ST is linked below, and could be used for the slave hub. It would need to be modified to run on Hubitat, by replacing "physicalgraph" with "hubitat" throughout in the sendHubCommand calls.

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Whats the usb cable max distance? 20 feet before you need to amp it?

Is there a Max devices per HUB ?

There is a limit for the number of Z-Wave devices per hub that is part of the Z-Wave specification: 232. There is not a limit on the number of Zigbee devices. There are limits imposed by Lutron wrt to the number of devices that may be connected to a single Lutron SmartBridge Pro (49), RA2 Select repeater (99), or RA2 main repeater (99) -- however, there is no limit to how many Lutron bridges or repeaters may be connected to a Hubitat Elevation hub. There is no limit to the number of LAN devices that me be addressed by a hub, nor of cloud based devices.

The maximum USB cable length, per its specification, is approximately 5 meters, or 16.4 feet. We have not tested this distance for connecting the USB stick to the hub.

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Is there a radio frequency orientation to place the stick? Blue light facing down or up if placed on a wall?

I have now over 150 z-wave devices and am getting really fast (compared with the old ST hub) performance throughout the house nearly all the time.

I switched a few remaining older devices to z-wave plus and found this has really seemed to make a difference to the mesh reliability and response speed.

One small tweak was to orientate the USB stick vertically along with the hub rather than lying on the shelf. I am lucky enough to have have a centrally located closet on the first floor which functions well to house equipment.

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I have been wondering if it less than ideal to have both sticks right next to each other in the USB ports ? There is barely room for both, but it can be done. I am not a fan of extending with the included extension cable.

I know that they are each on a different wavelength so they shouldn´t interfere with each other, but perhaps the proximity might affect the range ?