Ideal Hub Placement

No, you probably can’t place your hub on a pedestal in the middle of your living room (as much as you might want to). So what are other placement options for maximizing your hub reception while keeping your hub hidden?

What are your do’s and don’ts for placing your hub? Share a photo and show off your hub location.


One key tip is do not place it on or in a metal box. This can effect the signal of the zigbee and z-wave radios.


I knew I shouldn’t have put my hub in the bird cage…

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My sons room is almost in the center of my house. I put hub on a shelf in his room. He’s 14. He’s a boy… no one goes in there… it’s scary!


I have my ST hub on my gun case and no problems (so far). But I’ll start out with the Hubitat on my desk.

Oh, is the network connection on the Hubitat 100Mb or Gigabit?

It is 100Mb …

@bravenel, any wifi? Any extra USB ports I could play with?

No. We’ve been way too busy getting this platform up to go in every direction. Good grief!! :sweat_smile:


Just wondering… I know leave something for V2 right… :wink:


Is the USB radio a better solution than built in? Less interference I’d imagine?


It does allow you to use a usb extension cable and find optimal antenna placement.

I would hope anyone with built in antenna have tuned it to be on par with an external stick.

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On the topic of hub. How do you guys support multiple Hubitat hubs? I like to keep max of 50 devices per wireless module (Z-Wave, Zigbee) to keep them from getting sluggish. Any info on this?

I have 45 Z-wave devices on my hub right now with no sluggishness at all. I have a feeling that you’re going to find that sluggishness isn’t going to be an issue anymore.

“Support” is an interesting word.

Nothing stopping you from buying multiple hubs. The issues are how you might separate out the logic and devices.

As long as you are ok with them operating independently (or figure out the interactions between) then its just fine.

I’d say, try to find our max… We certainly are. Busy systems might slow down for sure on complex execution or lots of devices sending commands, question is if its tolerable, or time for a second hub.

We are excited to get real world user feedback on how the hub performs. Having such an open system, it is always possible that one bad device can cause problems with the mesh, or bad code, etc. Thankfully that is limited to your system and can’t effect others performance in the “cloud”.

I suspect some of the community devs that will want to bang on a hub and test the limits might want to buy one for their WAF factor to run the house, and the other to test with.


Actually, there is an easy way to do this. You could dedicate one Hubitat hub to be the “master” hub. It’s job would be to run part of your system via radio, and all of it via LAN link with another hub. There is a simple app you install on the “slave” hub, that forwards events to the master hub. So all of your devices show up on the master hub, and your automations would run there. This would keep your radio clusters small as you like.

FWIW, I have about 80 z-wave devices on my hub, and they are all snappy fast. But, please let me encourage you to only put 50 on yours and use a second and third Hubitat hub!! :sunglasses:

This same technique can be used to link ST to Hubitat, to run a blended system during migration.


@bravenel, this is good information. Can you post a howto for this type of setup? actually for both types of setups.

  1. Setup with ST for migration/co-existance
  2. Master/Slave setup with multiple hubs

That information would be great to have.


We will look into the best way to get this to you. Stay tuned… Will take a few days most likely.

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I just got shipping notification, so I have no choice but to wait. You didn’t provide next day shipping options :slight_smile:


Too funny. Will investigate adding next day shipping.


@bravenel, Alexa failed me I couldn’t say order it and get 2 day shipping… :wink:

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