Hubitat and Broadlink RM Pro + WIFI + IR + RF Remote Controller

Good, I can use the big words then :slight_smile:

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How is the VM doing?

So I got the vm up (windows 10) and everything works, making sure we are using the same workflow here

Open a cmd prompt and "Run as administrator"

Then execute the broadlinkgo exe file

Then I got a windows firewall prompt and I selected "allow private networks"

After that it started and ran fine

I would definitely say look into simplying your network for testing to see if that clears up the issues.

Hey Rob: I moved all my RM devices, HE and PC together on same network and eliminated the 2 NIC cards. I am still getting same results.

Here is what I am doing, probably something on my end I am doing wrong.

Went into the router the HE is attached too and port forwarded port 8000 in every
When I run it, I get the firewall prompt as you, then I get the same thing I was getting yesterday. I don't know what else to try???

So only thing I can think of is your router has multicast disabled. I had this issue a while back myself when playing with some other equipment. Some routers will let you enable the feature, some will not (I had to replace mine)

It looks like the client listens on which the broadlink sends a packet to. So if your router blocks that, there is your issue.

What router do you have?

Other things I thought of, you are using a broad link mini 3? That’s what I have.

And you are able to find the device in the network manually (router table etc?) I will look at adding a manual mode to send to a device.

Hey, just seen you replies, thanks for getting back. I am using a mofi 4500 sim4 as router. I called them and they said there should be no issue with that, but the fella didn't seem to sure of himself.

I am using the RM pro and 2 mini 3's, they all show up in the router fine as well as in advanced IP scanner, that's what I got the IP's and MAC's from, I just can't figure out how to get the device ID's??

Under the hood the device id is just the mac, but that is a key to a lookup table that has the device, ip, mac, name. I'm investigating if I can just add manually (pretty sure, I can) reply here when I get something working. Problem is my network works with discover so it's actually hard to test :confused:

Thank you sir, I have looked and looked for a way to control these things with the HE, I even read about the node red, rm plugin, etc...I must admit, it's above my head going from site to site, using a piece from this one and piece from that one...

I am trying to do away with the need for the cloud with all this stuff, I just got all my switches, etc. changed out and got voice control working with needing Alexa or GH, if I can just get this part going....

I got faith in ya!!!

I have installed the broadlinkgo on my pc and run it.
I get

2019/07/03 10:25:05 Found 1 devices
2019/07/03 10:25:05 Devices Found, updating check interval
2019/07/03 10:25:05 Listening to address
2019/07/03 10:25:05 Received packet of length 128 bytes from
2019/07/03 10:25:05 Found a supported Broadlink RM2 Pro Plus, device type 10026 (0x272a) at address, MAC 34:ea:34:e7:e6:d7

How do connect to the web interface in order to scan for my devices ?
I only see a logs in a dos window

I answered this in another thread but for completeness to any one who comes wandering along. The very first line in the log should say Listening on port 8000 (this is configurable, read the docs)

So to connect to the interface just visit in your web browser.

Ok, I made some progress, need another day I think and you should be able to manually add a device if you know its mac/ip

Sounds great, your the man!

@dell I believe I've got an update!

v1.03 has a manual mode, details in readme, just make sure when starting up you pass --mode=manual on the command line. Tested on my network adds correctly and sends commands. Let me know how it goes!

Hey Mr. Genius, the manual mode is working!!!

I am gonna have to do some major thinking how to do all this now, I have 3 RM devices with multiple devices on each one. Like power button for for each one. Looks like I am in for alot of button pushing!

I noticed you used an "_" in the readme, can you use any of the other characters as well, like the "-, =, +", etc.

This stuff is a bit above my head, but you are a great teacher.

Very well done good man, my hats off to you and thank you very, very much from this ole feller!!

Glad to hear it's working! I chose to use a "_" but any character should work.

I write my rules like device_button so viziotv_mute, viziotv_on etc.

Don't forget macros too. I have one request like this:


That turns on my tv and changes the input to my appletv.

I wire these up to http get switch, so I can run a macro like "Office TV on" "Office TV - abc" etc.

Is this the switch driver you are using?

This one (though that one should be fine)

Also check the repo in a couple days, I’ll have a new release that saves your manually configured devices between restarts, I realised I missed that.

The driver you shared is much easier to use, thanks.

I have not been able to get any of the commands that are generated to work in the Hubitat. I had to remove the -port=8000 for it to create & write commands for me in Win10

Also, when you are in the browser, the Execute doesn't work for me. I might have something wrong still, Will fool with it tomorrow and let ya know.

Here is a new release that will keep your devices stored between restarts

As far as the other issues go, I'd say back to basics. Removing the "--port" part shouldn't matter as the default is that port anyways.

Are you saying the execute button doesn't work but the api request does?

It's definitely working here but happy to work with you. My kids went into their playroom this morning and told alexa to "Play Cartoons" it was awesome (mostly because I didn't have to get out of bed" :slight_smile:

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