Hubitat and Broadlink RM Pro + WIFI + IR + RF Remote Controller

Hi Everyone,

Glad to be joining the community all the way from the UK.

Just received my Hubitat Hub and wondered if anyone has written a driver for the Broadlink RM Pro or has it working within Hubitat dashboard.

Open to alternatives to control TV etc, Logitech offers harmony but I am looking for alternatives.

Thanks, Chris

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Welcome Chris :slight_smile:

Also in the UK, and have Harmony running locally, so maybe a time to look at it again?
That said, you could use the BL via IFTTT?

I'm running a few things this way (where needs must) the speed is ok, not great as its cloud, but ok. Its one workaround? You can either use the direct HE -> IFTTT integration with virtual buttons, or as I do use webhooks and HTTP get switch driver here.

There's an on URL, another for off.

There's no direct driver for the BL I'm aware of, although I've read some have it running locally via Node red.


I use node red to control my broadlink. Works great. But does require a machine to run rhe node red server.

Hi, was it easy to set up, would you happen to have any guides which you used? I have a couple of raspberry pie 2 /3 would these be suitable.

Thanks Chris

Node red definitely runs on a Pi3. I have it running right now.

Fibaro Smoke Detector. I "played" with that as a new guy in HE. Danalock V3 - all secured, asking for pairing as safe.

Broadlink RM - interesting to PI3 as bridge with URL, but why? Hubitat and Broadlink RM Pro + WIFI + IR + RF Remote Controller it is a pity that HE is not main device.

Silly question maybe somewhere published here but where to find more documentation about coding? If I think well it is under construction but too pity because many geeks can help including me or am I whrong? I have inssuficient knowledges in that area.
Thank you in advance for your opinions. And I allow you to critism me personally, it forcing me to think in different way :slight_smile:

If you have an old Android or PI3 laying around, you can run RM Plugin or RM Bridge and with a virtual button or switch, make a rule to do a POST or GET to execute the RM Pro function.

Refer here:

Don't need a driver or the code. Just set up the HTTP POST/GET URL for the command and it executes the Broadlink RM Pro/Mini command you set up.

Works great and fast for me on HE. I used an old Android tablet and ran the RM Plugin in the back ground.

How do you do that I'dove to know by the way. I'm really really dumb in coding. :relieved:

Not too hard. I'll put up the instructions but first do you have an old Android on that is always connected to your WiFi? Need the RM plugin to work on your local network. Not sure if iPhone has it but probably does. In that case just need an old phone plugged in on your local network.

Yes I do I have an Android box it worked really well. But my isp provered doesn't allow me to. Have static ip. So it was useless

Can you reserve an IP for the Android device on your home network?


Ok all good. At the pub on a Friday night. Will post it when I'm alive in the morning.

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Thanks heaps have fun.

sorry for the delay. Basically follow these instructions:

Except instead of installing a device handler in Hubitat like you do on Smartthings, just use the Rule Machine "POST" or "GET" command with the example URI commands he has on that page: (If you don't set up a Authentication)
replace the (with the IP address of the RM Bridge and port you assigned)
deviceMac is the MAC for the RM Pro or RM Mini you are sending command to
codeId=XX -> where xx is the command ID you set up through your Broadlink e-control (whether it be on or off, etc). Those are all in the instructions and link on the page above. You can add by authentication if you like as well.

After all done and you know all your command Ids, you can set up any rule to have your RM Pro or RM Mini send the command with any virtual button or switch or routine.

BTW, you can test out the URI by entering into a browser to see if the Broadlink device reacts after you set it all up.


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Thank you. I haven't tried this yet it's very hard for me lol. I'm not used to hubitat. So I don't need a switch? Just use generic switch and rule machine. I Find hard to use the rule machine. But I'll give a crack first. Can I control the switch with ifft? When it's done.

No worries. It does take a bit to setup but after it's up it's very nice.

If you use IFTTT, then you do not need this. You can just trigger off any virtual switch you created on your hubitat and the "that" part will be the broadlink command.

The reasons to do the way I describe above are:

  1. if you want instant reaction (no cloud) to pressing or turning on/off switch. IFTTT will have some delays depending on the bandwidth.
  2. With the above method you can use more than virtual switches and the Rules Machine, you can use momentary buttons, reactions to scenes, routines, other devices, etc. With IFTTT you are limited to only the triggers Hubitat gives you (switch, contact, motion, mode, presence, water, temp). I use buttons for certain remote controls that have only one power button for example. Buttons work great if there is not a separate on and off on the remote.
  3. If internet goes down or is offline, this will still work in your house (not with IFTTT).

Really depends on how you want to use it I guess. If you don't mind the delay and any internet/IFTTT issues, then IFTTT is the easiest route.

Let me know if you go down the rabbit hole and try the RM-PlugIn with POST/GET and rules machine. I'll be happy to assist if you need help.

To be honest I want to use it with Google home, but I'm not sure if it will work. I just thought If you tell google home to do somthing then ifttt will pick it up, then rule machine will Identifies the action and use rule machine to send url to broadlink. Am I wrong here?

In that case, IFTTT is fine for you since Google home uses cloud anyways. All your virtual switches you can create on Hubitat can be controlled by Google home. You just need to integrate Hubitat on your Google home app and authorize the hubitat devices (Inc virtual devices) and presto, you can tell Google home to turn it on or off.

Sounds good, I was considering purchasing the RM Mini as the outside lights in our house are remote controlled and it's frustrating having to turn them off and on with the remote.

I could just change it, but where is the fun in that.

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