Hubitat and Broadlink RM Pro + WIFI + IR + RF Remote Controller

Sounds good. Make sure the wifi can reach it and you're good

I'm setting up whole house WiFi so I hope it will

I Moved to HE from Smartthings just over a week ago, i had my Broadlink RM Pro integrated in ST using the http POST method your mentioning, worked very well, well i though it did until i moved to HE, NOW it works very well, LIGHTNING FAST compared to how it was, practically zero delay compared to 2/3 seconds
Ive got flashed sonoffs (ESP Easy) and control them using the same kind of method, they are equally as fast.
Very happy new member


i am new with automation and not very much IT literate as well. Please can you give all steps which you did to setup broadlink RM pro

@callegari.dreaming callegari.dreaming I got. It working now
There is like a 2s delay but I'm fine with that.

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@drnouman It's not easy. But possible. I don't know anything about Tech but I worked it out, only becuase I knew how to use RM plugin app (playstore).
I created a vertual GET post switch.
Then ran rm plugin which had all the codes from e-control app.
Pasted the URL plus code for specific device, light switch ect... In the vertual switch, which I got from RM plugin API.
Linked google home and hubitat together to turn device in ifttt. I hope that helps.
Im new here so not sure if I'm the right guy for guidance.

Just wanted to point out node red is an option for this. Is a little harder to setup but In truth my rm integration is ine of the ones that just works.

Node red also has a node for setting up virtual Alexa devices which eliminates any need for nifty for me.

I don't know what that is. It's all hard for me this stuff. Lol but I'm glad there are more options out there.

I wrote this

It works great for a Broadlink RM3 and you can just use it with a http get switch driver.


I have a RM Pro and a couple RM Beans I would like to get set up with HE. Where do you find the device ID's or codeid as in the sample URL you posted? I can't find anything in the IHC app anywhere

So how do you set it up?

To setup the RM, follow the instructions with the app and get it on your wifi network.

Then using a server/raspi/your machine etc. Run the software. The Broadlink devices will advertise themselves on the network and the software will detect them. If you just have one device there is nothing special to do, the first (or only) device will always receive a call to the cmd or macro api endpoint.

I download the win. exe and ran it, gave firewall permissions and it is scanning in a DOS window, is this what it needs to do? Its scanning IP

I actually have 3 RM devices, a Pro & 2 Beans

Yes, the broadlink devices advertise on the network and the software is looking for them. Fair warning I've not tested in windows (I use mac/linux) so any issues come up let me know.

Well, if it is going to scan from IP, it may take days....

Its a local network scan, it is not scanning the entire internet. From you comment It seems like you think this is my software doing this. This is the way the broadlink devices work and it is a standard protocol called SSDP

Here is what it is, so you can see.

Taking about 6 seconds between IP's

I have 2 NIC card in this PC, maybe I should disable one of them????

You said needed a guinia pig for windows...hahaha

I am only testing and trying to help ya, I meant absolutely no offense at all, would love to see this going!

This is what a normal scan/found device looks like.

No offense taken, doing the how technical are you dance is all :slight_smile:

SSDP protocol is susceptible to router config issues, and I would venture other weirdness can ensue with two nic's (depending on their settings)

This is a normal exchange on my network.

If you can ensure that both nics are on same network as the bean, I'd make sure your router can also allow ssdp packets.

SSDP is a multicast protocol so if you have that disabled in your router its going to be an issue. I've got a windows vm up so I'm going to see if the issue is repeatable.

NICs are on 2 different networks, I may have to move the RM devices to other network to check SSDP, one of the routers is old and it has no way to check it.

As far as technical, beta tested for DOS before Bill took it...use to get Xmas presents from I am old and outdated am I, but I do

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