New user - need help with motion sensors


I am new to hubitat and need some help with setting up motion lightning .
I have Xiaomi motion sensor which i was able to setup on my hubitat .
Now i use IFTTT to switch my wardrobe light switch on/off with my broadlink TC2 .

I have now 2 problems with that :
1) when i enter my wardrobe the motion sensor instantly notice me and sends command through IFTTT to my broadlink to switch on the light, the problem is that after 60 sec it send out a signal that no more movement is detected and turn the light off even if i am still moving in my wardrobe.
how can i set this up so as long as there is movement the sensor detect movement ? is this an issue with the sensor or the configuration ? if the issue with the sensor is there other sensor that does support this ?

2) The trigger to my broadlink through IFTTT is very slow ..... is there any other way to make hubitat to control my broadlink TC2 faster ???

Thx in advance to all the community :pray::grinning:


About your second question, I cannot help you that much!

But for the motion sensor, I'm using the Aqara motion sensor and I assume that there may not be such a big of difference between these. I did previously use RM to have a setup similar to yours, but now I have this one removed and are using the built-in app "Motion Lighting" with great success.

As shown below is one that is currently in use, maybe this could guide you in any direction.



What light switch are you using? You would be well served to get a light switch that can be directly connected to HE to eliminate IFTTT. Have a look through the compatible devices list.
We have expectations for lighting to be instantaneous when we flip a switch. IFTTT can be useful for connecting devices that aren't time-critical.

HI zarthan ,
thx for you replay but i already have all my home switches with broadlink TC2 and i prefer not to buy new one , also i am from israel and most of the switches in the list does not suit my country.

Hi Carl,

thx so much for your replay, the issue is that i don't want this to stay on for 3 min every time i enter my wardrobe.
some times i go in for a few sec .
this is way i want it to stay on just for as long as there is motion (maybe 20/30 sec after).

There are ways to integrate some Broadlink bridges with HE. Broadlink RM IR device api

Okay, that's something else! There is a thread here in this forum on how to hack the sensor itself, but it requires a bit of soldering. This would reduce the 60 seconds response to even as low as 5 seconds.

Please have look here: Xiaomi motion sensor hack

ok i will , but even then it will shut off the light and only turn it on again after 5 sec , or am i mistaken ?

I assume that as long there is motion it will be on and then it will be off five seconds after motions stops. It will not have any influence in the sensitivity of the sensor it self.

Could it be a solution to have more than one motion sensor installed and then group them, so that if any is detecting motion the lights will be on?

Can you show your motion lighting app? That will help us figure out what you have set up incorrectly without having to guess.

Thx, but it looks like IR only and my switches are RF based

doesnt make much since to me .
they will all probably turn on/off at the same time.
and more devices working on battery = more headache

Have a search through the communities. There are RF based solutions too.

Hi Zarthan,

so after a few hours of trying i finally was able to make it work using HTTP script with RM plugin .
using this post .
Now it works very fast so my 2nd issue is solved .
Thx so much :pray::pray::pray:


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