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Are there any alarm platforms that work with Hubitat directly? What I'd like to get is get my smart locks into Hubitat and then create a rule for when I set my alarm (weather it be stay, away or instant) that all my smart locks lock. Also, when my alarm is disarmed, my locks unlock. This is currently how i have it setup with a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch (since it's also a z-wave controller). I want to get my locks inside of Hubitat (since there is more control of the locks themselves, compared to Tuxedo Touch).

I can connect Hubitat and Honeywell Total Connect using IFTTT, but there are some missing triggers in Hubitat (unlock lock for example) and missing actions in Total Connect (armed night), so that's not ideal.

I'd be willing to switch alarm systems to do this. I'm open to anything really.

It’s unofficial, but the Ring integration that @codahq created it really excellent. Not only do you have full control over the Ring Alarm, but it’s sensors can do double-duty and will work as if they were directly paired with HE.

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Another option is Konnected. I use their original Interface kit. There a few threads about them.

I only got one 6-zone unit and their equipment can't use Zone 1 of a Vista 15/20 panel so I am stuck w/ only 5 zones. With enough zones, you can arm/disarm your existing alarm panel but I haven't gone down that road. It requires programming of your alarm which is supposedly extremely difficult with the base model alarm keypads I have but is probably easier with the Tuxedo unit you have.

I think he’s looking for an Armed Home mode though and doesn’t have that with his current system. Does Konnected add modes to a system?

Some alarm systems (like my ADT Pulse) have an option to activate Z-wave relays under certain conditions. I'm currently using two of 'em, one each activated during Armed Away and Armed Stay modes, and then feeding the dry contacts into a Konnected unit to get 'em into Hubitat.

I misunderstood the OP then. Konnected allows you to use your existing sensors of your alarm in Hubitat. If you have enough zones on your Konnected board, you can arm/disarm your existing alarm with Hubitat and I believe arming/disarming of existing alarm can be a trigger to do things in Hubitat. I thought that is what he was asking.

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I believe he was, but mentioned that extra bit at the end of his post, so if that’s a big gap he’s missing, just replacing the Alarm System will probably suit his needs better.

Maybe a combination with the Ring and Konnected so he could utilize the existing sensors :man_shrugging:t3: I guess it depends on what type of sensors (wired or wireless) the current system has, and how many would have to be replaced. If they’re wired sensors, Ring has an 8 Zone retrofit kit, but I’m not sure @codahq has added support for it yet.

ya... i kicked around the idea of Konnected. I'm a little confused about their product though. It looks like Hubitat will know about the status of the zones, however I don't see how it knows if the system is armed or not and if so, what mode (stay, home, instant). There is no connections from Konnected to the Vista (in my case) keypad terminals (which where it would get status of the system from).

I've got the retrofit kit working in the unofficial Ring integration. It's just not publicly released. I have a user testing it. If you want that option it will be available very soon.


Do you need to have an independent alarm system? If you haven't done so already, take a look at HSM and see if that would fullfill your use-case. It certainly did for me. But I don't have young children or any elderly family members in the house and I live in a fairly busy neightborhood. And nosy neighbors are the best security system out there. :wink:

You can also connect HSM with Noonlight for professional, remote monitoring too.

That solution won't work for everyone but it's worth a look.

Yes.. I do have a real independent alarm system. A honeywell Vista 21ip with monitoring from Alarm Grid. It's been rock solid for 8 plus years.

I know HSM is out there, and call me old school, but but nothing beats a hard wired system with supervised sensors. Honestly I don't trust z wave to used for alarm system sensors. There is no 2 way communications.

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You are probably better off removing the lock(s) from the Tux and run them in HE natively.

That being said... For your other integrations, the Tux/Tux WiFi/VAM have a (rather rudimentary) HTTP API built in. You could use this API to get basic alarm system status and to arm and disarm the panel.

Like i said, everybody's use case is different. Just thought I'd throw it out there.

As far as sensors go through....that is why you never have a region protected by one sensor whether it's hardwired or wireless. In order to get into my house and get to the "good stuff", you'd have to pass at least 5 motion sensors (twice as many if you come in the other way) and at least one contact sensor. All of these would all have to fail at the same time. I think the odds of that happening are about as close to zero as I'm able to get. So, there are way to make a wireless system more robust. But no system is foolproof. Build a better mousetrap and eventually you'll end up with smarter mice.

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I don't think you'll find a hard-wired system with built-in compatibility without adding a 3rd party piece to it like I'm not familiar enough with their system to know if it can arm/disarm whichever panel you're currently using.

Personally I've got the Smartthings ADT system. It's discontinued so they're selling it off for really cheap, but if you have any more than 2 doors to cover, the extra sensors are almost impossible to find now. It works through Hubconnect and I can arm/disarm and monitor all the sensors in HE.

If I were to be adding one today, I'd go with the Ring system since it does have unofficial integration at this point.

And can also use wired sensors via the retrofit kit.

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way over my head when it comes to programming... thanks for the suggestion though

I previously had a 2GIG hub for my zwave network and used a 2GIG-Take 345 unit that allowed me to my hardwired alarm zones into the unit and become part of my z-wave network. But this was possible because the 2GIG control panel (hub} had a built in 345 MHz receiver.

Kconnected offers an alarm panel interface that purported does that same. Their kit starts at $89 that range from 6, 12 and 24 xones USD Has anyone used that with HE.

Anyone else been in the same situation. Also, were there anu work arounds use that xupported the 245 MHz signals from devices being recieved and incorporated into HE.? For example I have 345 MHz door sensors that sit in the hollow between the frame of my sliding glass door and the door framing. that in depth are less than a half an inch transmitting at 345 MHz. I'm t

@dyshuk I’m in total agreement with you on having a dedicated alarm system. The Unofficial Ring Integration that @codahq wrote is so well done, it’s just really a wonderful tool to have. And the Z-wave implementation on Ring is excellent. Don’t forget that Ring hired all of the Ex-Zonoff employees. These are the people that made the excellent Staples Connect hub that Staples then screwed up by being Staples.

If you have existing wired sensors, then I think you would be extremely happy with a Ring alarm system with the retrofit kit. And having direct Alexa integration and the ability to also use Alexa Guard with it is also very nice.

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I am in the same situation. I have a hard wired alarm system that has never failed or faulted in 20 years. I am aware of the Konnected solution, and may go with it. But the Konnected solution only works with my hard wired sensors and I also have wireless sensors for Smoke and Water that Konnected can not support.

Did you ever find a solution to allow you to integrate your "real" alarm system into Hubitat?

Unfortunately I'm still using two (2) separate systems.

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