Noonlight - 24/7 smart home monitoring enables Hubitat to call 9-1-1 (U.S. only)

Noonlight for Hubitat

24/7 professional central station monitoring for your Hubitat Elevation smart home powered by Noonlight can dispatch police, fire department, or EMS when you need help.

Smart, is now safe.

Konnected has partnered with Noonlight to offer access to a 24/7 professionally monitored emergency central station via your Hubitat smart home, and we've built a free integration for Hubitat users! When used with the Hubitat Safety Monitor app, Noonlight can respond in case of an intrusion, smoke or carbon monoxide alarm. You can also configure any automation or rule in Hubitat to trigger an alarm with Noonlight just like turning on a switch. For example set up a panic routine that turns on Noonlight and help will be on the way in minutes.

This integration is provided free and open-source by Konnected and is not endorsed or approved by Hubitat, Inc in any way. Hubitat support cannot answer questions about un-official integrations.

Noonlight is currently only available in the United States.

How Noonlight Works in Hubitat

Noonlight shows up as a Switch and/or Siren in Hubitat which you can control manually or automate. If you're using Hubitat Safety Monitor to alert for security or smoke/CO, you can set it up to turn on Noonlight like a siren/alarm. This initiates an API call over your internet connection to Noonlight's 24/7 facility in the United States.

Within seconds you will receive a text message from Noonlight confirming the alarm. You can respond via text reply.

You will soon receive a phone call from a Noonlight dispatcher. If it's a false alarm, tell them your 4-digit PIN and that's it.

If Noonlight cannot get in contact with you, they will dispatch your local emergency services to your home. This uses your hub's location setting to determine your location.

Requires an Internet Connection

The Hubitat hub must have an active internet connection for this to work!


This integration is provided as-is without warranties of any kind. Using Noonlight with Hubitat involves multiple service providers and potential points of failure, including (but not limited to) your internet service provider, 3rd party hosting services such as Amazon Web Services, and the Hubitat software platform. Please read and understand the Noonlight terms of use, Konnected terms of use and Hubitat terms of service, each of which include important limitations of liability and indemnification provisions.

Why Noonlight is Better

  • Noonlight allows the DIY smart home user to have the same peace of mind from 24/7 protection by a professionally managed central station at a fraction of the cost of traditional monitoring services by using their smart home eqipment and internet connection.
  • When an alarm is triggered, Noonlight dispatchers see detailed information from the smart home devices that you authorize, including door/window sensors, motion sensors, smoke/CO detectors, presence sensors and temperature sensors. This allows the Noonlight dispatcher to potentially determine the nature of the emergency if you are unable to respond.
  • Noonlight is backed by a UL certified central station, and can provide a certificate for insurance discounts
  • Also includes the Noonlight App that you can use on the go to get help any time anywhere in the United States
  • No long-term contracts or commitments. Cancel any time.
  • Only $10/month (first month free)

How this Integration Works

This integration connects Hubitat to Noonlight via two parts:

  1. the open-source Groovy app and driver in this repo to be loaded into your Hubitat instance
  2. an authentication broker cloud service maintained by Konnected

When you initially set up the Noonlight app in Hubitat, you will be directed to Connect Noonlight via a simple web based authentication flow. This directs you to an authentication broker service maintained by Konnected that facilitates the secure exchange of credentials between Hubitat and Noonlight. You will be assigned a secret code that acts as a password to Konnected's authentication broker service.

Periodically, the Noonlight app running on your Hubitat hub will contact the authentication broker service for a refreshed Noonlight API token using your hub's internet connection. This ensures that you always have a valid Noonlight API token in case of an emergency.

When the Noonlight switch is turned on, the Noonlight app running on Hubitat will use the Noonlight API token to trigger an alarm directly through Noonlight's API.

noonlight-hubitat on GitHub

Install Noonlight for Hubitat -->

Click for installation and usage instructions.

Help & Support

For integration related issues, contact Konnected Help & Support
For Noonlight account, billing, and product questions, contact Noonlight Help


$10/month with the first month free
Includes unlimited devices on the same account including the Noonlight mobile app.

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You can cancel any time.
Noonlight has a list of common questions here:

Yes and both of those answers are in the original post, too. For the people who actually read it :wink:

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OK, it's bold I just didn't see it.
Thanks for the info.

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Hey @nate,

I just finished setting this up. One thing I noticed is that when I was setting up the account

1.) There can only be one phone number
2.) It has to be a mobile number

Most households include multiple people with multiple numbers, some of which may or may not be home when an alarm goes off. Typical security systems allow you to use land lines and/or multiple contacts. That way if I'm out of town for work, and there's an intrusion while my wife is home, she would be there to answer the house phone when Noonlight called. As it is now, they would call me and if I'm several states away away I'd have no idea what was going on.

Just curious how this particular situation is expected to be handled?


PS: I would recommend posting this under "News and Updates" tagged with "[RELEASE]". I actually went looking for this post a few hours ago and didn't see it because I didn't think to look under "Getting Started"->"Integrations"

This is a commonly requested feature and I know that the Noonlight team is aware of it. I don't work for Noonlight so I'm not sure if it's being planned or not.
At this time you can only have one mobile phone number on the account.

Is any body actually using this integration or the noonlight service? Any feedback on it?

I've been using it for 3 months now and works great so far. It Integrates witg HSM like any alarm would. When the alarm goes off Noonlight will call you to confirm with your PIN before police would actually come out.

People still use landlines? I haven't touched a landline since like 2000. :slight_smile: My mother and father are 70 and they don't even have a landline. And trust me, that's saying something. LOL.

They sure do... Literally every person in my family and extended family have land lines... Pretty much everyone I work with over 30 does too...

Really. Surprising. I'm 45 and maybe it's tech people that don't for the most part. At least the people I know.

Regardless, your request is valid. Although, with me being in security, the people who are serious in getting into your house are just going to cut the landline first and then you go to cell backup anyway. Or they throw a rock through your window after casing the place to see when you're not there... of which it becomes a moot point anyway. :slight_smile:

I think it depends how reliable the cell service is. In many rural areas, or areas with mountains/large geographical changes, cell service is spotty and not that reliable.

Plus... Land lines only cost $10-15, so are pretty attractive for many on low incomes.

Dude, for real though. My cell phone bill is $320 a month. I need a refi on my mortgage just to afford it.


Mine is >$300/mo too - I think closer to $400 (4 unlimited lines + some phone payments on a couple of the lines).

My wife pays that bill, so I refuse to look at it, as it makes me mad. It is obscene.

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I just signed up for they're service on Sunday and so far so good. Installing the app and driver were simple enough and they even provided a certificate that I sent to my homeowners insurance for a discount. The service is $10/mon but with the discount I get on my premium it ends up costing me only ~$3/mon. Great deal for the peace of mind it brings me. After I set it up I triggered the alarm to test it out as they suggest and got a quick text and phone call. So far so good. I'm going to do a little more testing with smoke/water alarms to see if the call center can differentiate the alarms but I think this is a great integration so far.

The only negative is that they will only call one primary phone number, but they will notify other "household" members of via text and they can cancel alarms this way vs. phone call.


Cheese I hope they give you a free phone upgrade every 6 months at that price; I pay $185 for 9 lines, all unlimited.

I've been using the service for about 30 days now. I have had a couple of false alarms while I was working on different settings in HSM, they're response times are near instantaneous (way faster than Vivint).

I did have an issue updating my municipal alarm permit as they were not listed as a provider. After a quick chat with their support line I found out that they sub-contract their monitoring service through Acadian Monitoring Systems (licensed in all 50 states) and was able to get my municipality to add them as a provider fairly easily.

Well half that is three phones that I'm paying $45 a month on to own. But you have nine lines, so I'm definitely still getting hosed because I have three lines.

Cell phone companies... meh... :roll_eyes:

Let me know if you find out what they do about water alarms. Who would they call? I'm guessing the fire department to get to the leak and shut off the main valve in your house or out near the street. But you have to admit, calling the fire department would be pretty ironic...and kinda funny too. LOL.