Hub update available as RM trigger or via Maker API or NR

Is it possible?

Also, maybe report the version number of the update (or latest available version), to allow comparison with current hub version (as reported by the 'Hub Info' app).

This has been requested a few times before .. perhaps raising a location event when the process that already checks for an update sees one is available.

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Thanks. I did a search but couldn't find anything. Hope we can get this! I know others don't want an auto-update but personally I'd also like an RM function to update the hub.

I don't think too many people would want to use it to trigger an auto-update, but that event could be the trigger for others uses. For example, I tend not to apply an update until it has been a couple days without itself being updated again. They seem to come in rapid sequence for a few days after a significant release (which is a good thing, not a bad thing; it means they are super responsive to fixing things that slipped by). With an event like this, I could make a rule to send me a notification if an update has been stable for 48 hours.


That seems like the most logical use. Or just to use for a push notification of update availability. Although I do update fairly quickly, I wouldn't want auto updates. I want to read the release notes before updating, and to be able to observe things in person after the update.


I'm getting a nice value from @jpage4500 Hubitat Dashboard for Android (I run it in BlueStacks at my desk) - this great tool provides me this:
Clicking it offers an 'Open Browser' which in turn takes me directly to the hub update web page. I recognize it doesn't 'autofire' the update - but it's been wickedly useful in knowing updates have arrived!


Agree. I didn't request an auto update.

But I think it would be helpful to (1) know an update exists, (2) enquire the latest release number, (3) allow RM to update the hub. This combination of features would allow notifications, assessment of the maturity of a release (based on dates or even the release index/number), and then a hub update not automatically but under the logic of a rule.


Aha, I found this. So at least I can now know if an update exists..



Well, there you go. Thanks to @thebearmay ...


Make sure you hit configure after updating the code - that should start the polling


6000 seconds (1 hour)

Actually, 6000 seconds is 100 minutes=1:40 :slight_smile:

3600 seconds = 1 Hour

Still, AWESOME addition!! Thx @thebearmay

Yeah I realized that the other day, most not have had enough caffeine that day. Glad it worked for you though.

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