How can I receive notifications from my Hubitat hub when it has a firmware update waiting?

I don't often check into my hub so it's often a bit of a surprise when there's a firmware update waiting. I would expect there has to be a means by which to alert/notify on releases - can someone point me in the right direction, please?

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Don’t believe there is a way to do it on the hub but you can subscribe to release notes in this community


Choosing watching will alert you to all posts. I personally subscribe to the first ad indicated

Disappointing - but I've now employed the workaround. Thanks to you both!

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@ritchierich - Got a split personality?


The notification in the UI and/or subscribing to release notes has always been sufficient notification for me (and suspect most people). That said, it would not be unreasonable to put in a feature request that a "Platform Update Available" boolean be added as a Location event trigger.


HA - yes, apparently so.

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I push my Home-Assistant update notifications to my Slack workspace - very handy as I live there more than my email these days. Just figured it would be nice to have all automation-related notifications coming to the same place for consistency.


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