Hub Update 2.0.7

Hubitat Elevation Platform update 2.0.7 is now available:

Please note, the process takes about a minute to download (depending on your Internet connection) and extract the hub update, and 1-2 minutes to perform the update after you click 'Update Hub'. We recommend that you periodically download a backup of your setup from the Settings page, Backup and Restore.

Changes from 2.0.6:

Platform Additions / Changes

  • Deprecated com.hubitat.zigbee.DataType. If you are using this class in your drivers be sure to import hubitat.zigbee.zcl.DataType. The deprecated class will be removed in a future release.
  • Changed "User Administration" section in settings to "Hub Login Security"

Drivers and Devices

  • New drivers:
    • Qubino Thermostat Module (ZMNHID3)
    • Qubino 1 Relay Module (ZMNHAD3)
    • Dome Range Extender (DMEX1)
    • Iris Keypad V2 (keypad notes)
    • Iris Keypad V3 (keypad notes)
    • AduroSmart ERIA Dimmer Switch
    • AduroSmart ERIA Contact Sensor
    • AduroSmart ERIA Motion Sensor
    • Sylvania Lightify Smart Switch
    • Aeotec Nano Switch
  • New device support:
    • Aeotec Range Extender 6 (using Generic Z-Wave Repeater)
  • New driver features:
    • SmartThings Presence Sensor V2 and V4:
      • Implement Tone capability (beep)
      • Add 10 and 15 minute presence timeout options
    • All keypad drivers: Implement Tone capability (beep)
    • Chromecast drivers: Clear TTS Q when driver is initialized

New Apps

  • Notifications: Set up notifications from device events, lock codes, and mode changes.

New App Features

  • Rule Machine: New Conditions/Trigger Event definition UI, and new Rule definition UI
  • Dashboard v2.0: read more here regarding all the changes and additions to Dashboard
  • HSM now allows delayed arming (exit delays) for all intrusion settings: Away, Home and Night.

Bug Fixes

  • Qubino 1D Relay Module: Fixed reversed NC/NO options for Input 2 Contact Type option.
  • Sylvania Dimmer Switch Button Controller: Fixed erroneous button events.
  • Scene-1.2: Change child device names when Scene name is changed.
  • Group-2.0: Fix zigbee group hue and saturation not working
  • SmartThings Presence Sensor V2 and V4: fix battery reporting
  • Iris V3 keypad: Fix audio alerts not working correctly (keypad notes)
  • Iris V2 keypad: Fix panel lights remaining on (keypad notes)
  • Hubitat Safety Monitor:
    • Fix cancel arm not disarming keypads
    • Fix chained arming of multiple keypads when HSM armed from a keypad
  • Generic Z-Wave lock: fix decrypt error on Kwikset when using LCM to manage codes.
  • Chromecast drivers: Increase delay time of “Stop after TTS is complete” preference option by 50%
  • Aeon Multisensor 6: Fix configuration preferences not honored
  • Hue integration: Fix color commands failing when attribute values are passed as strings
  • Sonos integration: Implement missing volumeUp and volumeDown commands
  • Zooz Power Strip: Fixed configuration parameters that don't work with firmware 2.0
  • New User Getting Started fix for not exiting properly after entering postal code

A new hotfix has been released. This update includes:

  • Bug fixes for Dashboard 2.0.
  • HSM and keypad updates to resolve issues of arming from HSM when using exit delays.
  • Bug fix for Notification App to allow renaming.

We pushed hot fix

Fixed the issue of HSM delay settings not being sent to the keypads in all cases as well as the null error generated when the delay settings in HSM are blank.

There is a current known issue in HSM and the keypads such that the new arm delay settings are not understood by the keypads, this issue will not be resolved until the release of 2.0.8. For now setting all of these options to the same value will work with the keypads.

Fixed a bug in Notifications for devices that don't send descriptionText in events.


Hotfix is available, it has a fix for RuleMachine missing the Done button on trigger rules.