Hub Update 2.0.7: Dashboard v2.0 Improvements


Dashboard v2.0 has been updated as part of the Platform Update v.2.0.7.

New Features:

  • Local LAN dashboards now feature instant updates from Hub and does not use Polling by default, will fallback if can't connect to hub directly. Cloud dashboards use polling (default is 5 seconds)
  • Ability to create new dashboard from Dashboard Menu (only when on local LAN)
  • On new dashboard creation, new wizard that explains dashboards
  • Auto populate Grid Option on new dashboard
  • Dashboard Builder on new dashboard
  • New Default Template colors, can be disabled in options or customized in template editor
  • Custom Icons for Template states in new Template Editor
  • Custom icon for various templates (static icon only)
  • Background image URL for individual tiles
  • Customizable Background image and colors
  • Set Font Size, Icon Size, Grid Tile Spacing, and Rounded Corners
  • New Options: Date Format, Column Width, Row Height, Menu return, hide 3dot menus, hide template names, hide helper text, hide device history, don't use default tile colors
  • New Dashboards will have Column Width and Row Height set to default values. This will allow dashboards to scroll vertically and/or horizontally. Legacy dashboards will preserve the auto fit to grid.
  • New Advanced section to edit the layout JSON contents directly and new Devices section to help see what dashboard sees, including states and device history
  • New Tile Editor, with ability to navigate your tiles, Grid picker to move your tile around quickly.
  • New Device and Template Pickers with search.
  • New Slider with custom color support
  • New default icons for various tile templates and states
  • Option to disable new dashboard creation in Dashboard App Menu
  • Option to use legacy dashboards in Dashboard App settings
  • Simplified Child Device options, set refresh interval, pin for Dashboard, HSM and Mode, disable access for cloud and local dashboards and Lock down / read only mode for dashboard.
  • New dashboards created via Dashboard Menu automatically authorize all devices, you can disable this per dashboard and authorize only the devices you want to make available in the Apps section. Limiting a dashboard to only the devices displayed on the dashboard will improve initial loading.

Improved Tile Templates

  • Attribute tile now has a drop down for the selected device's available attributes, also now has a 1024 character limit to improve reliability with 3rd party drivers.
  • Carbon Dioxide, Humidity, Illuminance, and Temperature have option to override the device unit with a custom unit
  • Fan now has support for level or click for popup for setSpeed states
  • Door Control and Garage Door Control now report opening and closing states
  • HSM has new popup showing alerts, history and keypad protections
  • Image now supports optional refresh interval
  • Link now supports link name
  • Mode now supports keypad protections

New Tile Templates:

  • Analog Clock
  • Color Bulb with popup to change color, CT and on/off states
  • Date
  • Glass Break
  • Level, step up/down for level attribute
  • Power
  • Scene, allows to turn on or off a scene
  • Text, allows for simple text display
  • Thermostat, allows changing of set points and fan or HVAC modes
  • Video Player, allows for streaming mp4 URLs
  • Volume, allows changing of volume attribtute
  • Weather, specifically for the OpenWeather built in Driver

Hub Update 2.0.7