How to transition to the new Hubitat Mobile App

Thinking of switching to the new Hubitat Elevation Mobile App? Here is what you need to know before you start.

Why would you use the new Hubitat Mobile App?

The newly released mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms bring enhanced features and improved functionality to your smart home experience.

Here are some of the new features the new Hubitat Elevation mobile app offers:

⦁ Totally new design!
⦁ Highly customizable Home Page to quickly access and control your smart home.
⦁ New devices like thermostats, garage doors, fans, and more can now be controlled through the app.
⦁ Improved presence sensing and geofence capabilities.
⦁ Integrated quick access to manage modes and Hubitat® Safety Monitor app.

How do you transition from current mobile app to the new Hubitat Mobile App?

Using the new Hubitat Mobile App is easy. First, install the new Hubitat Elevation app from the Apple's App Store or Google Play Store:

Once the installation is complete, open the application and follow these steps:

  1. Log in using your Hubitat account.
  2. Select your hub.
  3. Existing Hubitat Mobile app users: select your EXISTING MOBILE DEVICE; New Hubitat Mobile app users: select Create a New Device.


:exclamation: if you've created multiple mobile devices in the past, the new mobile app shows the number of rules each device is used in. Make sure to select the device that is used by most (all) rules to ensure uninterrupted functionality. If you have multiple mobile devices used in different rules, now is the perfect time to streamline your setup to use one device per phone or tablet.

  1. Allow the necessary permissions to Location Services, if you'd like to use the mobile device as presence sensor or to allow the app to send push notifications.

Using your phone as presence sensing device?

The new Hubitat Mobile App provides enhanced presence sensing experience. By default, the Geofence uses the location coordinates set on the hub. To find the existing location coordinates for your hub follow these steps:

  1. Connect to your hub
  2. Select Settings on the left menu
  3. Select Hub Details
  4. Identify the latitude and longitude.

If the hub doesn't have the latitude and longitude coordinates defined, then the new Mobile App will use your phone's current location to create the Geofence.

You can adjust the Geofence in the mobile app, however, if you uninstall and reinstall the app, the adjustments will be reset to default settings.

If you need to change the hub's coordinates, make sure to select Save Settings, then Reboot the hub from Settings. Also, the Mobile app must be reinstalled to use the new coordinates.

Discover the difference with Hubitat Elevation and take control of your smart home like never before!

The new Hubitat Mobile app provides enhanced smart home monitoring experience by integrating the Hubitat® Safety Monitor app. By installing HSM, you can remotely monitor your home and manage HSM modes, effortlessly:

The new mobile app also integrates the new Easy Dashboards, seamlessly to allow you to monitor and control your smart devices that are not currently available on the Devices tab


By installing the new app from the links, will it update the current app or it will install another instance of the app?

It is a brand new app that was designed and built from the ground up. Following the links will install a new app. After you log into the new app, select the mobile device you'd like to use, and adjust the Geofence, then you can delete the old app. You can also run both in parallel without an issue, but know that only the last app you log in would be able to use the mobile device as presence sensor and to receive notifications.


I was testing the beta version and it was linked to a "test" device on my hub. The old app was linked to my presence and notification "main" device. In order to switch to the new app and use that as my default, I had to go through a couple of steps that might help others...

To be able to select the appropriate device in the list, I had to make sure both apps were completely signed out with the email removed and the remember me switch turned off... Only then, would the new app give me the list of devices to connect to... Before that, it kept picking the device it was originally paired to...

So if you are trying to switch apps and it won't give you a list of devices, make sure everything is completely signed out first... Including turning off the remember me switch. You can turn it back on when you sign back in.


Are the old dashboards (old style, not EZ) still viewable from the new mobile app?

Yes they are.


Darn it .. Wish I had seen this .. LOL
Just did it the hard way !


  1. installed
  2. reconfigure all apps to use new app / ID .
  3. remove OLD phone / ID from apps
  4. test



Well that was easy... for me at leat.


I hope all of the bugs get worked out of the new app before the old one is pulled from the app stores.

I can't get my dashboards to display in the new app, when I'm away from home and not connected to my local network. All I ever get is a "Webpage not available" error with the local IP address URL of my hub, followed by "net:ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE".

The old app displays both old and EZ dashboards without any problems when I'm out of the house.

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Please be sure to create a post under your app's subcategory (if you didn't already) that includes app version, build number (these can be found in the mobile app under More tab >> App Settings) as well as hub platform version (this can be found in your hub's web interface under Settings page >> Hub Details) and the version of your operating system. Currently we are not aware of any issues running the latest public releases available.

For feedback on iOS app, see this category: iOS App - Hubitat

For feedback on Android app, see this category: Android App - Hubitat

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Just switched over to the new app on my iPhone and 2 iPads. Seems the dashboard area on the iPad is now smaller due to the fat green Dashboard title bar. So I need to resize all by icons to fit again... kind of annoying.

Also, it seems the green check mark / read exclamation point problem persists. Red exclamation point appears within an hour. No correlation between the dashboard being stale and this symbol.

I have waited for the 4th to try to transition to the new iPhone app so I could take the time to do whatever needs to be done. I have both the old app and the TestFlight beta. When I go into the old app and click on the button to get the new one it takes me to the App Store where it says I have the TestFlight Version 2.0.1. Do I need to sign out of the TestFlight and then delete that first?

Do ALL your devices appear in each room on your new Mobile app? My rooms are listed correctly but certain devices are missing and I double checked that I placed each device in a specific room. Really strange. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue. The devices that do APPEAR and are checked off, do show up on the main screen but I'd like to add more to the main screen like water sensors that don't appear in my rooms.

You can only have either the beta app from TestFlight or the production app from the App Store installed at the same time. So the main thing you'd need to do is uninstall the beta Hubitat Elevation app on your phone before installing the one from the App Store, assuming you have it now (this being same way as any, e.g., press and hold until you get an "X"). However, if you don't want to use the betas anymore, you'll also want to go into TestFlight, select the Hubitat Elevation app, then select "Stop Testing," otherwise you'll keep getting notified about new builds.

No, not every device will currently show up in here, only ones that are "compatible" with this tab in the mobile app, generally ones that can be controlled in some way. (This might change in the future, but this is still a bigger list than was in the 1.x app.) Think switches, dimmers, bulbs, thermostats, window shades, etc. See: Mobile App | Hubitat Documentation

However, you can create an Easy Dashboard or Hubitat Dashboard, which will show up under Dashboards and allow you to choose the exact devices you want and how you want them to display (Easy Dashboard supports most but Hubitat Dashboard supports literally anything).

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Please do not remove the old app. the new app is not working.

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