How to transition to the new Hubitat Mobile App

Any amount of specific details you can share would be helpful for figuring out why the new app is not working for you.

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I deleted the TestFlight app and went into the classic one. I then pushed the button to get the new app. It installed, but the old one is still on my phone. Should I now delete the old one?

BTW, with the new app I now have the navigation button on my iPhone. I went into one dashboard and then used the navigation buttons to go to another dashboard. But when I tried to use the "last" arrow to go back to that first dashboard I get an error message that says in blue Reconnecting but under that it says: Hub connection failed, trying to reconnect..." for a bit and then it just quits.

I'm not sure why you deleted TestFlight. That was not part of the steps above. You will need to follow those steps to remove the beta/TestFlight version of the app and install the App Store version (and and this point you'll also need to either reinstall TestFlight if you want to perform the technically optional "Stop Testing" step or do the same on another device; it's tied your Apple Account, not a specific device).

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I deleted the TestFlight app because when I pushed the update button in the prior app it said TestFlight was installed and then I saw this post:

I went back to the top of this thread and this is all I’m seeing:


Using the new Hubitat Mobile App is easy. First, install the new Hubitat Elevation app from the Apple's App Store or Google Play Store:

Once the installation is complete, open the application and follow these steps:

  1. Log in using your Hubitat account.
  2. Select your hub.
  3. Existing Hubitat Mobile app users: select your EXISTING MOBILE DEVICE; New Hubitat Mobile app users: select Create a New Device.

The only thing I saw about TestFlight was something about presence, which I don’t use.

Please point me to the instructions I’ve missed

These instructions are for those who didn't sign up for the beta prior to public release. You don't need to delete the TestFlight, also, you don't need to sign out of the beta updates that are delivered through the TestFlight. However, if you want to go back to the public version, you need to first withdraw from the beta. To do so, you must select "Stop Testing" as @bertabcd1234 suggested.

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To be clear, maybe we're talking about different things. You should not delete the literal Apple TestFlight app itself unless you want to and you are done with all the steps (though it won't hurt anything to keep). But can only have one version of the Hubitat Elevation app installed, so (assuming you have it installed) you do need to delete the TestFlight version of the Hubitat Elevation app before installing the App Store version (or at least that was my experience).

I think you can just go to the App Store and install the release version over the beta. Of course Test Flight may prompt you to re-install the beta if you don’t unenroll.

Casual Googling suggests you're supposed to be able to do that. But I'm not sure why it didn't work for me. (Though I suppose it's a safe choice regardless and will eliminate any confusion about which app is which!)

I had missed the part about signing out of TestFlight first, so maybe I'll have to uninstall the new version, install TestFlight again, sign out/unenroll, delete it, and then get the new app.

Right now I do have both Hubitat versions on my iPhone. Should I delete the original version?

Also, should keep my post here about the new app not being able to go to the last used if it is another room and not just the home dashboard page or post that elsewhere?

As I mentioned above, if I go to room 1, then use the nav button to go to room 2, while in room 2 if I use the nav button and then the back arrow <- to try to jump back to room 1 it says Reconnected and below that Hub connection failed, trying to reconnect...

It did then say reconnection was successful, but it didn't take me to dashboard 1 and if I press the backarrow it just takes me to the maid dashboard page.

I just tried it myself. I had beta version installed. Went to App Store, searched for Hubitat. Installed the release version via cloud download icon. Now running the release version. Went to Test Flight, it shows a new beta version available. There is no requirement to manually delete anything nor sign out from the Test Flight version. You can run both old and new apps. The only thing you cannot do is run the new app release and beta versions at the same time.

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Just make sure to keep both updated to avoid this problem: [INCIDENT] Notifications and presence stop working after migrating to the new mobile apps

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I'm guessing no one else is getting an error of incorrect username or password?

There doesn't appear to be an option of setting up a new password and the app understands that I already have an account.

The email address field is case sensitive, so if your keyboard capitalizes the first letter, then that would cause an error. Other than that, the same log in is used as That is also where you can start the password recovery process:

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Thanks for the help, that fixed me right up.


Note with the OLD ios app, you could go to a dashboard, then hit the dashboard (9 dots at bottom) to go back to dashboard list.

On the new app, pressing the dashboard (9 dots at bottom) does nothing and you are stuck in the current have to kill app to get back to picking a different dashboard.

Sorry if this has been reported already

This should be fixed before killing the old ios app : )

It’s possible to get back to that main dashboard landing page from within a dashboard itself.

On a classic dashboard you can tap on the Hubitat logo in the upper left hand corner.

On a new, easy dashboard there’s a compass icon in the lower left. When tapped, it expands, and tapping the home icon will do the same as above.

It’s possible to disable this function on a classic dashboard. Not sure about easy dashboards.

So I agree it would still be very helpful to be able to tap the dashboard menu icon at the bottom of the app screen (the nine dots, as you called it). I’m not sure if the loss of that feature was intentional.

I'd like that as well, would be a good change. :slightly_smiling_face:

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