[FEEDBACK] App crashing constantly

Yes new app is a bit crashy. Is there anyway to send in the crash data / logs etc to find out why? Pixel 7

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If you are dealing with a real crash, your phone would ask if you'd like to submit a crash report. What makes you think the app is crashing?

The App exits and you then open it and it spins it up again. The scroll through dashboard, notifications and then exits again. It's pretty replicable and consistent.

It just keeps saying this app keeps crashing as well. Doesn't give me a option for crash report.

Did a screen record but the exit of the app just stops the screen record so you don't see the "crash"

I moved your posts here, mind sharing the app build number, Android version and hub's platform?

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2.0.1 (237)

Android 14 AP2A.240605.024

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Thanks, 2.0.1 is beta, moving the thread once more :slight_smile:


Didn't realise there was still a beta version.

I'm having this problem too. iOS 17.5.1, Hubitat C-7 ver Startup states that there are multiple Hubs (not sure why). Lee Hub appears, but does not connect. After a few minutes, this screen appears to crash (suddenly disappears) but the app is still (allegedly) running in the background.

Again, I've tried everything that I can think of. I've rebooted, deleted the old app. Tried to install new app, but continues to hang at this same place. Very frustrating.

PS: it appears I'm in the wrong thread. Can you point me to the correct thread?

Also was not aware this was still Beta (mine is also 2.0.1(237)
Google Play does not reflect this as a Beta, and I "completely" forgot I registered for the beta.

If you're enrolled in the beta Google Play show this "You're a beta tester..." message when you're on the apps page on Google Play. It would have appeared there since you signed up for the beta.