How to get a GE/Jasco zwave switch to send an 'On' event to the Hub when physically triggered even if the switch has been already turned on

I have GE Smart Motion Switches that will send 'on' events to the Hub when the physical switch is tapped even when the switch has already been turned on by motion. This works with the standard device handler.

This is helpful as it can be used in Rules. For example if someone is going into a bathroom to use the shower the motion does not stay on long enough and the light turns off. A single click to the 'on' paddle of the switch is used to trigger a rule to override the motion and keep the switch on until it is manually turned off.

I cannot find any device handler for a normal GE/Jasco switch that has this same functionality. Does anyone know of one ?

Are you using built-in drivers for these? Are they really switches, or dimmers? Edit: what model number?

There are community drivers that may do what you want, look at JasonJoel's drivers.

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I have tried it with both GE Switches and GE Dimmers (Zwave Plus) using a couple of differnent built in drivers without success.
GE Smart Switch- PN 14291
GW Smart Dimmer- PN 14294

The Built in drivers I tried them with:

Generic Zwave Smart Dimmer
Generic Zwave Smart Switch
GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Dimmer
GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Smart Switch

The product it did work with is the GE Motion Switch PN 26931 with the standard driver. I will try you suggestion using JasonJoel's drivers and see what happens

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Those are supposedly Enbrighten devices by those part numbers, so that driver should have been the best match out of the 3 you tried.

Hopefully JasonJoel's drivers will do what you want.

If they are Z-Wave Plus then I believe @JasonJoel's community driver should work w/them, and they are very configurable.

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@neonturbo @danabw Thanks for the links guys! Unfortunately my 14xxx switches are the 1st generation of Z-wave Plus GE devices. @JasonJoel GE/Enbrighten drivers are for the 2nd Generation of Z-Wave Plus GE Devices. (they are slightly smaller, no break off fins on them & have quieter relays in them + a few other changes)

I tried his '1st Gen' Zwave Plus GE drivers and they as well dont have the feature. What is strange is that his driver for the GE Smart Motion Switch (26931) does have the functionality I am looking for.

So let's ask him for the feature!!

@JasonJoel - pretty please, if it's possible, can @Levahj have this feature? :wink:

Hi @JasonJoel Would love the help!

GE PN 26931
I originally thought I was using a Hubitat driver but I looked again and I was using one of yours. As I mentioned in the original post it allows me to use a rule (I use WebCore) to take the switch out of its motion mode with a simple single click of the 'on' toggle.

I have other lights that turn on by contact and/or motion sensors. I have rules with all of them that put them in a manual mode by physically turning the light on (or if they are already on by motion, to physically turning them off, then on).

It would be so much better (cooler?) to just physically click on the 'on' toggle once if they are already on by motion to turn them into manual mode like I do with the Smart Motion Switch in my bathroom.

This is a screenshot of the events page of the Smart Motion Switch that I cannot replicate with the standard, non motion, '1st Gen' Z-Wave Plus GE switches and Dimmers (14xxx)

Any help on this would be appreciated!

I'll look into this for the old device types. (EDIT: done, see below)

The new models already do what you want, as all physical interactions log button press events (regardless of on/off state). And as you already know the motion dimmer/switch driver already does this as well.


Just another example of why this community is so great. Kudos, @JasonJoel.

I second that. Thank you very much @JasonJoel !

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@JasonJoel - Just noticed you updated your GE Z-Wave Plus Motion Switch Driver to 2.4.0 yesterday. I just checked one of my devices and it is no longer signaling an event for a physical press if the light is already on. This is the behavior I need because I use a physical 'On' command to take the switch out of Occupancy mode for x number minutes when people want to take a shower and are not in the motion sensing area.

May it have something to do with your comments on the update that you: 'Removed erroneous duplicate event recording'?

In this case I do need to see that physical button press even if the light is on or my rules wont work. Can you please take a look at that for me?

Much appreciated!

EDIT: See the thread dedicated to the driver. Update will be posted in a few minutes.

Could not find that post for the life of me until I noticed you originally posted it under your old ID and not your new one. Anyways.... THANK YOU!

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No worries. Sorry I broke it - that wasn't intentional.

I use just Generic Z-Wave Switch, none of that "smart" stuff. It works fine. The Enbrighten stuff is design ONLY for those items. It even says do NOT use then for other items. You can also try the one from Jason Bottjen. The seem pretty far along in development at this point.

Switch -

Dimmer -

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