How to deregister a hub if the subscription is pending cancelation?

This is a GREAT new option thanks! I was able to deregister all but one of my "retired" hubs using the new option. The one I wasn't able to deregister is showing it still has an active hub protect account which it shouldn't since it was transferred to my current C-8. @bobbyD


Agreed, this is a GREAT new option. I had one that showed as inactive and I clicked the deregister button.

I had it on my ToDo list for MONTHs to find it, plug it in and then deregister it. But it's a task that is sooooo easily pushed to the back burner.

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If you reached out to us and we helped you transfer the service from an old hub to a new C-8, then the subscription on your old hub is still active (pending cancelation until the service expires).

Previously, we were able to only transfer the service, but not the subscription itself. If you'd like, you can go to Subscriptions page and reactivate the service:

Then go to Registered Hubs page and select "Transfer subscription(s)" link on the inactive hub to the C-8 as "Destination Hub".


Doing so will not conflict with previously transferred services, and you'd be able to continue the subscription on the new hub without any service interruptions, as well as to de-register the inactive hub.


What if we're not transferring the service?

If you are not transferring, then you'd need to create a case by visiting the following page. Currently the service is non-refundable, so early termination can't receive a prorated refund, however, we can cancel the service for you earlier in special situation:


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