How to build a solid z-wave mesh network [VIDEO]

If you are moving devices from another hub to Hubitat Elevation, you need to watch this video! Take the time to build a solid Z-Wave mesh network from the beginning to prevent dropped devices and slow downs.


What kind of problems happen if you don't let the network settle first before doing automation and how does automation mess it up? I see people suggest this a lot but never why.

I'd like to heard the answer to this too... because I'm sure I'll roll over laughing.

Unexpected network behavior, such as devices becoming unresponsive. During this time, you'd want to test that newly devices function properly and troubleshoot any problems, before adding more devices.

It queues additional messages that could make the mesh act slower or even become unresponsive at times.

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So its more of you can't narrow down the problem child and you are waiting for the mesh to figure out optimal routes for communication?

What automations are being referred here. Rule machine or google/amazon Integration, creating groups and dashboards? Asking for a friend :wink:

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Rule Machine, Simple Automation, any app that will utilize Z-Wave devices.

@bobbyD Doesn't the radio remains powered with a shutdown? If I'm right, couldn't you do the shutdown leaving plugged in waiting 2-4 hours for the mesh to settle then cycle power to restart.

I wouldn't power cycle the hub in an attempt to resolve mesh issues. More so not Z-Wave. Unlike Zigbee, the Z-Wave has the manual "repair" that rebuilds the routing tables. Powering off the hub doesn't help heal the routing tables, it actually makes things worse as more commands are queued on reboot. Occasionally if the radio locks up, reboting the hub could help.

My zwave radio locks up continuously, at least a few times a day at the exact moments I'm trying to use it. I have a bunch of old posts where I was referring to my hub as "sleepy"... after a while I kind of just learned to live with it. I rebuilt the zwave network no less than 3 times from scratch. I'd love to narrow down the problem but not sure how to proceed.

Have you opened a ticket w/HE support - sounds like you should.