Hive thermostat / Receiver Zigbee

I've seen some examples using the API but I wanted to use Zigbee. I've sort of got this working now where I can talk directly to the hive receiver. The Thermostat seems to do some weird stuff and more attributes seem to be accessible on the receiver (or perhaps there is some proprietary crap going on)

  • mode : off / auto
  • status : heating/idle
  • target temperature
  • current temperature

What I can't seem to determine is if it is in manual or schedule mode.
I suspect there is a manufacturer specific attribute / value.
Do you have any tips for trying to work this out?

Another problem is the UI in hubitat is horrific. The standard thermostat UI is something only a hacky developer could love. Putting attributes in to tiles is messy.

Is there anyway to create a custom tile template?
Example of what I have then quick illustration of the sort of thing I'd like to achieve.

Okay so this has eaten hours of my life but I have a hacky implementation which shows the basics of my hive heating from my receiver using zigbee. Is anyone else out there using Hubitat and hive or am I alone here?

i'm using hive with my hubitat via this linky.

how did you get the receiver to pair with hubitat? does it still work with the hive app?

Thanks I'd seen that but it is using the cloud APIs as far as I could tell .
I'm using Zigbee as I want it to work locally.

I put the receiver in to paring mode and hubitat detected it. It seems to detect all my hive devices.

I'm still playing around with the zigbee driver but I have a hacky solution. It's not wildly different to what is out there but there are some quirks and missing features i'm ironing out.

I no longer have my hive hub. All my hive devices are connected to hubitat using zigbee.

My thermostat is still talking to the Hive receiver as there are limitation in what I can get hubitat to do at the minute. But my plan is to have the thermostat talk to hubitat and then hubitat control the receiver.

I hope that makes sense.

I was under the impression hive did something weird with their zigbee as I couldn't ever get it to pair. I might have to give this another go.

I got the heating to pair. There is certainly some weird stuff going on between what the receiver and the thermostat does.

e.g .
I cannot get the temp from the thermostat but I can from the receiver.
receiver / thermostat report different modes.
If I do something to the receiver via hubitat the thermostat doesn't seem to pick some things up.
Hot water remains a mystery.

What would help hugely is if I could force a device to notify all its changes via configureReporting. I have not found a way to do this. I could hack it by creating every conceivable value of attribute ID but I fear it may overload it and I might not be able to back it out.

I've been putting messages on the hive website to get them to publish their spec. the more people who do this the better.

Any thoughts welcome. I will publish my code on github once it is a bit less embarrassing.

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I've been struggling to address some of the quirks and I've noticed my receiver has lost sync with my thermostat. I am definitely operating in quirks mode.

I've made a request to hive and they have refused to open up their spec. I have therefore made a request under the data protection act to access my data on their device. It will be interesting to see how they plan to address this.

In the mean time I have created a dashboard forhive which will link from my main dashboard should I want to change any of the settings. I feel this is a more elegant solution than the built in templates which are ugly as sin.

If people want to pile on in the hive community this would help ut pressure on them to release their spec.