Hive thermostat / Receiver Zigbee

Take ages to calibrate, have a mind of there own, over shoot on temp. If you go to the hive community there is a whole list of issues. Like with most things it works fine for others

I want to ditch it too. I can easily cover how water with a smart switch but how are you dealing with the thermostat?

I'm using a mcohome mh7-wh (combi)

Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve just bought one as it seems to tick the boxes. What driver do you use.
I’m not a boiler engineer but have heard of pump over run, does this need to be considered ?

The built in driver works just fine. I use hubitat's scheduler as this thing only works with hubitat in manual mode. Once the temp is set, then relay switches on/off once it's temperature with some sort 0.5 degree variation, which is normal

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