[Project Help] Hive Active Heating Driver

I have zero development skills, but I am curious as to how much effort to do refactoring would take?

A couple of hours for the experienced to a couple of days for the inexperienced probably. It should be mostly copy and paste work that would move some functionality out of the parent into a separate app (child).

Ah thanks for letting me know. I ended up having to ditch the app all together it had a weird interaction with my heating and wouldn't let it turn off, kept flicking it back on...I went with simplicity and used IFTTT

I've had absolutely no issues with it.

I've got a couple of rules to override the schedule, i.e. if someones home when they wouldn't normally be and to make sure it knocks the heating down when we are all out when we wouldn't normally be.

If i can be of any help i'm happy to, but my coding skills are non exsistant.

I may be getting Hive soon (going to take a look at one tomorrow), and I have plenty of dev experience, I'll keep you all posted.

Awesome, keep us updated. I like hive but there are a lot of things it can't do natively. Like switch off when away or switch on when you're coming home.

We also had issues with holiday mode seemingly disabling itself.

All those can be worked around, I use IFTTT and hopefully if you buy and work on the app via hubitat.

Other than that I've had no issues at all

That would be great. I don't have one of these so it's super low priority for me to keep updated. If you end up getting one I would be thrilled if you took over this integration.

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@rob did you invest in the hive system?

I did but I haven't got it installed yet I'm afraid

Was there any updates on this

I have been writing a zigbee driver for Hive and got the basics working but there are some weird quirks I'm struggling to debug. I have made a request for hive to release their spec but they have refused. I have now made a request under the data protection act to extract my data from the device to see what response this yields.

Here is a bit of a thread on what I have been doing with zigbee. If people want to pile on with Hive lease head over to their community and given them some grief about not opening up their spec.

@rob if you ever got it installed the coding @dj_bayley has been working on might be of some use for you guys to pick up and get it working for us all :slight_smile: and @Baz2473 I saw your input into previous posts too.

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Just trying to get Hive working. Tried following the advice on here, and always get errors when I save. I can't follow the GitHub links as they give a 404 error. Anyone have the code handy?

Any update on the code for this being available guys?

I'm also getting 404s on the github links.

It's all but dead I think.

Anyone have the code files?

I'm happy to do some dev work on them.

The smart things code is in the first post. I don't think @codahq has them on his GitHub anymore

I don't have much Dev experience, but I'd be happy to help (eg with testing) if you get anywhere on this.

At a minimum, just getting Hive thermostat and TRV temperatures reported back in Hubitat would be very helpful for automations and graphing - currently doing this a very hacky way with a series of homekit automations changing a virtual thermostat to mirror the TRV readings... not great!

The Dev of this is pretty much dead

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