Help please im so lost

Don't give up. Many of us came over from SmartThings and once you get things sorted, you will know you made the right choice. It is a learning curve however. I have many UltraPro switches and they work great.


Another thought, especially for those coming from SmartThings. Turn off your SmartThings hub when moving devices between hubs.


Ok thanks for the info i will try this today thank you ill let you know how it goes


Good luck. Keep us posted.


Ok i think i got it. I now have 10 devices working correctly and the App is good. I also have one routine set and it working great. I tried everything and i mean everything then i started to add my zwave switches using the S2 security settings and once i did that it would give the switch its correct driver. Whats your app of preference that you guys use for setting up automations


Congrats on your progress... :slight_smile: I have a ton of the GE/Jasco/Honeywell/Ultra-Pro dimmers and switches and they work great for me, just don't cause any problems.

Apps included w/HE:

For lighting:

  • Room Lighting is a "full service" app, can do just about anything, can be a little daunting at first given its power
  • Motion and Lighting app - precursor to Room Lighting - may feel a little bit simpler to set up
    -- Pro-Tip: Room Lighting automations can be imported into the Room LIghting app if you want to add more functionality to them

General/simple to moderate automations:

  • Basic Rules
  • Simple Automation Rules

General/Simple up to very complex automations:

  • Rule Machine
    -- Pro-tip: Both Basic Rules and Simple Automation Rules can be imported into Rule Machine if/when you want to add more functionality to them.

Cool stuff:

  • Zone Motion Controllers
    -- Combine multiple motion sensors into one virtual motion sensor to improve accuracy of motion detection
  • Groups and Scenes
    -- Combine devices into virtual Groups or Scenes devices to manage multiple devices at the same time (e.g., all lights in a room turned on/off together (groups), or set to specific dim levels (Scenes)

Button Devices:

  • Advanced Button Controller


  • Hubitat Package Manager (your key to many community developed apps & drivers):

Auto Lock:

Auto Off:

Event Engine: A powerful but easy to use "point-and-click" automation app:


Great summary @danabw, that covers most things. Only extras I can think to add are more specific use cases, apps for monitoring / managing laundry and humidity:

Oh, and the obligatory recommendation of the Hub Info driver:


Yup - those are in the "cool" category as well. :slight_smile:

After you're settled in and things feel stable, you can take a look at these two drivers for your GE/Jasco/Honeywell/Ultra-Pro Z-Wave Plus Dimmers and Switches. These drivers add additional functions (up to 6 virtual buttons on Switches and Dimmers via double- and triple-press) and a setting to provide faster status reporting. I use them w/all of my GE/Jasco/Honeywell/Ultra-Pro Z-Wave Plus Switches and Dimmers.



Thanks for all the tips. I finally have all my switches on the hub and everything seems pretty good some small hiccups here and there. The only problem im having now is im not able to get my yale locks to show up on the hub...

No experience w/Yale...Zigbee or Z-Wave?

Generally locks need to be paired closer to the hub than other devices, as they use a "whisper mode" (less likely to be overheard by other devices) to talk to the hub during pairing for increased security. So you might have to get a long ethernet cord to get your hub nearer the locks before pairing them. I found HE to be more sensitive to this issue than ST was.

I'd suggest you do a search for "yale" or "yale locks" here in the forum and see what experiences/advice turns up.

Also, if you're having failed pairings, make sure you check your Z-Wave Details page (if they are Z-Wave devices) to check for ghosts/imcomplete pairings. You'll want to remove any ghosts before trying again.

I have some with zwave but this hub is more for a advanced it takes some know how. Ive had a vera hub then smarthings and they were more add it toir switches devices and it was so easy. I dont know why im having such a hard time with this hub. I can get the locks to join the zwave network but after wards they dont show up in the app..

Oh my, sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. The locks will not show in the (mobile) app, you would have to add them to a Dashboard. The Devices tab is only for switches, dimmers, and bulbs.


Omg i added them and excluded them 4 or 5 times thinking i was doing something wrong :laughing: :rofl:


I agree that the learning curve on HE was a bit steeper than ST. On the other hand, I can do so much more and don't have cloud-dependant automations, so I'm much much happier in the end. I think you'll get there too...

If you have the locks added to your mesh, and you don't have any new ghosts from the process of joining them, then you can use Lock Code Manager to manage the locks.

So when you create a new user, you are not seeing your locks available in the drop-down?

Or not seeing your locks when you edit an existing user of the locks that was imported?


Hopefully i do get there one day. Ill Look into that but so far im really liking the Hubitat hub its much faster than the Smarthings hub.


Can you please post a copy of your z-wave details page?

Do the "Back Porch Lights" and "South Hallway Lights" switches work from their Hubitat device page?

I'm curious because they don't show a route to the hub (z-wave controller).

They do work but they are a little slow

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