[Guide] Firmware Update using PC Controller (Z-Wave Devices)

Getting Started

You will need a Z-Wave USB stick paired as a secondary controller.

The PDF Guide for ghost removal has good instructions already. The only thing you may want to change is to include WITH security, which is needed if you want to update a device paired with security.

Updating Firmware

  • On HE go to Settings > Z-Wave Details

  • Find the node ID for the device you want to update (you need the decimal value not the Hex)

  • On PC Controller select the OTA Update Section:

  • Select the device from the list on the left.

  • Press the Get button

  • Press the folder icon to select your update file

  • Press the Update button at the bottom

  • You will be able to see the progress at the bottom (it should advanced fairly quickly)


Excellent! I'll add a link to this post to the Ghost Removal topic. Nice contribution, Jeff. :slight_smile:


Just gave this a shot. I'm able to add the Zooz 800 Stick as a Secondary Controller no issue. When I try to update a ZSE41 that I have as a spare, when I hit GET, I receive the below error. Right before hitting GET I wake up the ZSE41 by hitting the button 4 times. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

I've never seen that error, so unfortunately can't offer much help. I would have suggested waking up the button if you hadn't said you were already doing that...

I just found this on the Zooz Support Site. I will try it hopefully tomorrow.


This is why I said battery devices are a little tricky.

First, make sure on HE that you select the Red X at the top of the devices list and then disable that device, so the driver does not respond to the wakeup. Instructions: Devices | Hubitat Documentation

Second, you have to temporarily trick PC controller into thinking the device is listening. Don't worry though, it is very easy, you just check the "Lsn" box next to that device.

You will probably need to wake the device and press the Get button, then wait about 15 seconds before you wake the device up again and press Update.

With any luck it will start going, once it starts it should stay awake until it is done.

I have been able to perform an update with a spare sensor just connected to the USB Stick. This may be a stupid question, but once joined, is there a way to determine the current firmware version? I don't see it anywhere in PC Controller. I have to say it is a VERY cludgy UI.

Yes as a last resort if you reset or exclude the device from the hub and pair it directly to the USB stick it is much easier to get it to update, especially for battery devices. I do this if they are being particularly stubborn.

On the OTA screen when you do the "Get" the current firmware version will fill in at the top. I must have grabbed my screenshot beforehand so its still blank.

Its a developers tool, it is not really made for end-users but here we are using it anyway :slight_smile:

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A reason that I know is real, but always bothers me...developers would benefit from an easy to use interface as well, but they do usually get the cheapest kibble rather than even average quality hamburger. :wink:

Hey Jeff,

Over the last year, I've had really good luck using PC Controller to update firmware, but recently ran into an issue with a Leviton outlet outside on the edge of my mesh... This one just won't cooperate and fails each time I try. I'm going to ask a clarifying question that I think I know the answer to... When PC Controller sends the new firmware, is it going through the Hubitat hub?

Would taking my laptop out to the outlet so the USB stick is closer, help? I'm guessing no, as I think it goes through the hub... Ultimately, I could un-pair it and just pair to the stick for the update, but hoping I don't have to do that... I think the device is just too far to successfully update the way it sits now...

@jtp10181, Jeff, thank you very much for the help and useful tips. I will try again tonight.

Is there a need to exclude/include with HE after the update process?

No, it should route directly (eventually). It could possibly use the hub as a hop, but it does not have to.

Yes, moving the laptop closer will help, I have done that before and it makes a noticeable speed difference once the stick<>device starts using a good route.

If you use the stick as a secondary controller, MANY devices will keep on working. I always wait a minute after the update is done and then do another "GET" to confirm the new version took and the device is responding. You may need to run a CONFIGURE from HE to setup the lifeline association again.

There are some devices which factory reset themselves after a firmware update (mainly earlier Zooz ZEN2x model switches). When that happens you can use the Z-wave replace feature to join to the same node (I have a separate guide on that), or include again as a new node and remove the old one.

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Any trick to make that happen? I'll setup the stick on a laptop and walk out to the outlet... How does the outlet and/or stick know they are close to each other? Is there a way to force it?

And thank you by the way for all your z-wave contributions... I'm using several of your Zooz drivers and they work great! As for this particular outlet, I went with the Leviton as they seem to be only one of two 700 series outlets in the market right now... This is specifically for landscape lighting... I'm also considering a repeater as it doesn't seem to reach as far as the Jasco outlet it replaced... :man_shrugging: Was torn between the Aeotec and Ring for a repeater... Gonna try to figure out a place I can maybe add one to the mix...

I think there is a neighbor discovery button on PC Controller, you could do that on both the stick and device once the laptop is in place.

Then send a bunch of messages and hope it re-routes. Starting the firmware update is the best way to do this. If its going really slow hopefully it will try another route and land on direct. Can always cancel it and try again. For me usually it will start a little slow then pick up speed (I assume that is due to rerouting after having issues initially).

Much appreciated.

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