Z-Wave Ghost Removal using a UZB-Stick - How To

Putting this here to make it easier to find/refer folks to.

Below is the link to the "Who You Gonna Call?!" Z-Wave ghost removal guide I wrote w/extensive collaboration/support from the amazing @erktrek. Following the steps in this guide can help you resolve problems w/your Z-Wave mesh caused by Z-Wave device "ghosts."

Link to the guide: Ghost Removal - Who you gonna call?!

Z-Wave "Ghosts" are Z-Wave devices that have not successfully joined your mesh, leaving an entry in your Z-Wave device table that is incomplete. In some cases multiple attempts to add a single device can result in multiple ghosts. Having even a single ghost in your Z-Wave mesh can cause severe problems w/the responsiveness of some or all of your Z-Wave devices, making them slow or non-responsive.

The easisest way to identify a ghost is by looking at the Z-Wave Details page on your hub, and look for devices that do not show any routing in the "Route" column of the Z-Wave Details page. Problems usually show up quite soon after a Ghost appears, so Ghosts are usually one of the most recently added devices and are at or near the bottom of your Z-Wave Details list (most recently-added devices are at the bottom).

Below is a normal device in the Z-Wave Details page, showing normal routing and connection speed info in the Route column. Route: 01 -> 0A. Speed: 40kbps. Routing may be direct to the hub in this case (01 is the Hub, 0A is the device), or a device may route through one or more other devices to connect to the hub.

Ghost devices typically appear in the Z-Wave Details table w/no routing information in the Route column - looking something like below. Note that the last field in the row below is completely empty, shows no routing for the device. Below are a couple of examples:

A couple of things to try before getting into removing a Ghost using a UZB stick:

  1. If a Discover button appears for a partially included device, selecting that button can allow a device to successfully complete joining the Z-Wave mesh.
  2. Rebooting the hub can help. Select Reboot from the Settings menu,
  3. Shutting down the hub and restarting can help. Shut down your hub from the Settings menu. Then pull the USB power plug (at the wall connection, not at the hub as the hub connection is a little fragile) to completely remove power from your hub after it's shut down. Wait 30s and then plug the hub in again, After the hub boots up check to see if the Ghost persists. Try the Discover button again if it is still present after restarting.

If you still have your Ghost(s) after above, follow the steps in the guide to remove them using a UZB stick.

Feel free to share feedback/suggestions here on improviing the contents of the document.


Update 2/2/2022: Fixed the download link from Dropbox, thanks to info from @672southmain that the link was downloading the wrong version of the document (from back in July 2019!!). Apologies to anyone who got the old version...please re-download to get the current version.

Update 1/25/2022: Added @csteele's very clear graphic to clarify steps when excluding the UZB stick.

Update 11/8/2021: Added some additional comments regarding the UZB stick inclusion not displaying security options, or providing the normal option to name the device.

Update 10/5/2021: Updated section in the FAQ on regional settings (aka Transmit Settings) to include info that 500 series UZB sticks have region set on the device in FW, only 700 series UZB sticks can change region in the PC Controller Transmit Settings. From @bcopeland

Update 9/24/2021: Modified steps to join UZB stick to Hub - changed from using "Classic Learn Mode" to "Select Learn Mode>NWI" per @bcopeland's suggestion. Also added a section in the FAQ on how to update FW on the SilLabs UZB stick.

Update: 7/10/2021: Updated info in the FAQ section of the document on using a UZB stick and PC Controller app to join devices to HE w/out security. Based on info provided by @bcopeland.

Update 7/13/2021: Updated PDF creation process to maintain clickable links in the PDF. Re-download if you want a version where the links work! :slight_smile: Thanks to @eibyer for pointing this out.

Update 7/16/2021: Updated to include information on new UZB stick version that Mouser/Silicon Labs are shipping. Packaging may show the original UZB stick version (SLUSB001A) but the newer version (SLUSB7000A, rev 1 update of the original) is the currently shipping hardware. Thanks to @672southmain for pointing this out.

Who you gonna call...


I only had one issue, and it was not to do with the Ghost removal part, just with the section regarding using the pc controller to add a new device.

I found that the new device added okay, but would not work on the hubitat until I did an "update" from the pc controller.

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Thanks for the comment. I had to reset my PC recently and haven't reinstalled the PC Controller app as I haven't had any ghost issues in quite a while.

Could you take a screen shot of the Update option showing where it is so folks using the doc can find it easily?

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I'm replying so I can find this guide in the future, just in case. I have a the zwave stick still in plastic during the early days of migrating to C7 but have not had the need to use it. Hopefully never but there's no telling when it comes statistics! lol

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you can always bookmark it :slight_smile:

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Thanks, update complete.

I have a ghost on my C-7 and cannot get the Z-Wave controller to pair with the Hub.

The PC Controller looks like it is picking up the devices.


Inclusion finds a Z-Wave Device, then inclusion finishes and it sits at this. Any ideas??


Is this your first time using the zwave stick? If the zwave controller (stick) is picking up devices on HE does that not mean it is already paired?

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yes it is.

Found the problem. Somehow the Bedroom 2 light switch ID was wrong. Set it to the "ghost" ID and is now working fine. Thanks for responding..

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Are the links in the PDF clickable or is it getting stripped by my browser?

Hmmm...I thought they were clickable the last time I tried them - they are intended to be.

What browser are you using?

I'll download and see what happens when I try them.

EDIT: Yeah, I see, not clickable. I'll have to see if I can figure out why they are borked. I am creating this in Word and using the Print to PDF option in Windows...maybe that process is limited and links don't work. I'll play around w/it a bit. Thanks for the tip!

Used Chrome and Edge, tried it using Adobe Acrobat also, no click :frowning:

Correct! No one had mentioned this before for some reason...the process I was using (Print to PDF from Word) does not maintain clickable links for some reason.

The Word "Save As" to PDF format does retain clickable links - at least worked for me. Can you download it again to confirm?


Works now, thanks! I'm battling a ghost if you haven't figured out already lol. :ghost:


Show no mercy! :slightly_smiling_face:


BTW thank you so much for your excellent documentation. It made a huge difference to me and I bet to countless others.


Thanks...just trying to pay back a little to this group. I've gotten so much help, and folks have been very patient w/me. :slight_smile: And of course @erktrek was key in the development of the doc - he reviewed and corrected and improved the content significantly. Could not have done it w/out him.


Hey @danabw
I'm having a couple issues getting this to work. I have Win10 laptop and Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (not +).

Not sure if it matters, but when I insert it Windows gives it COM3 and uses Microsoft built-in driver. I was going to look for one in the path in the article, but it doesn't appear to exist in Simplicity Studio (V5). There's no BIN path at all.

That said, I AM able to discover the device in SS/PC Controller.

Next, I start inclusion on my HE (C5) and start Classic Learn Mode. In HE it finds a new device and goes to "initializing" and stays there - never give option to select a driver or finish. In PC Controller it appears connected - all my devices populate.

Next question - how do I identify ghosts? I must be looking in the wrong page - but I don't see a "Route" column anywhere - does it still exist?

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